Kids Surf Camp Bradley Beach

Summertime’s Full Day Surf Camp in Bradley Beach is one of the Jersey Shore’s best kept secrets.  Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of more popular Jersey Shore attractions, the Bradley Beach surf camp has a unique feel among SUMMERTIME’s Jersey Shore locations.  Drive in and park your car in historic Ocean Grove, NJ  and take the boardwalk past Fletcher Lake and the “rain garden” to discover why this surf camp has earned the nickname of “paradise beach.”

Full Day Surf Camps are the fastest way to gain the skills that take your child’s surfing ability to an independent level.  The 7 hour day is highly recommended for true “water rats” over the age of 8 who are ready to adopt the surfing lifestyle.

A Full Day Camper’s experience gives them some extra attention that the half day experience cannot provide.  A full day on the beach and in the water gives a better understanding of how to read the changing ocean conditions which is very important-maybe the most important– lesson of all.  Between 12noon and 1:15pm, full day campers are given time to eat lunch and rehydrate in the shade.  After lunch, full day campers participate in our enrichment program, one of the staples of our camp that truly sets SUMMERTIME Surf Schools apart from other camps around the world.  During enrichment, our trained enrichment instructors provide “classroom-style” education on some of the most important information that true surfers understand.

In enrichment we break down:

  • Surf Science and how environmental factors shape the surfing conditions
  • Surf Etiquette and how to surf safely with others
  • Surf Equipment and how to choose the right board for the right surf
  • Surf Setups and what kinds of beaches, reefs, and points you will find all over the world
  • Surfing Maneuvers from the basic building blocks to understanding what professionals can do on a wave
  • Surf History so that our campers have an appreciation of the unique culture that we come from

Full Day Surf Campers receive special recognition at the end of the week for completing the 35 hours in a Full Day week.  There is also an optional simple written test campers are encouraged to take home on Thursday for a “surf academic achievement” prize.

Lastly, one of the best reasons to choose the Full Day Surf Camp is because it teaches kids how to manage themselves during long days at the beach.  If they are going to grow up to be dedicated surfers, they will need to learn how to manage their energy, keep themselves healthy and safe, and have the endurance to meet the real challenges that only the ocean can provide.  We guarantee there is no better place to learn these valuable life lessons than under the guidance of the professionals at SUMMERTIME Surf School.


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*Special Week 11 – ASBURY PARK SURF CAMPS ONLY – August 31- Sept 4