SUMMERTIME surf school sets the perfect environment for adults to live out one of the ultimate bucket-list experiences. Surfing is the poster child for the free and easy lifestyle and that's exactly what you will find at Adult Surf Camp Weekend with the fun cast of characters at SUMMERTIME. You don't need to travel around the world for a high-quality surf experience. The beginner-friendly beach break's of Asbury Park, New Jersey are a first-timer's dream come true. Especially in early September, when conditions are the best of the year. This exciting weekend gives participants an understanding of surfing through on-land instruction, a crash course in surf science, yoga practice and plenty of water time. Stoked!

    Details on Adult Camp Weekend

    • Time: 8:30am-11:00am
    • Location: Asbury Park, NJ - 8th Ave. Beach

    What's Included?

    Light breakfast/snack, beach yoga session, on land surf instruction, and plenty of time in the water with help from SUMMERTIME's professional instructors.





    $150*Walk-ups only (Full weekends sell out ahead of time)

    2015 Availability

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to popularity with returning participants and limited availability, early reservation is highly recommended.

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