“To provide the ultimate environment...”

    When you combine: highly trained instructors, the right equipment, and the successful practices of SUMMERTIME Systems, what you get is a truly great place to learn.

    “...for teaching and learning..."

    The teacher needs the student just as much as the student needs the teacher.

    "...the practices and values of the surf and ocean lifestyle."

    SUMMERTIME respects surf culture and what it teaches us about ourselves. The waterman discipline is a healthy and positive way of life.

    Core Values

    1. To Promote Healthy Living Through the "Surf Lifestyle"
    2. To Inspire the Next Generation of East Coast Surfers through Positive Role Models
    3. To Provide a Well-Rounded Program that Effectively Teaches the Art of Surfing
    4. To Change the Surfer Stereotypes and Focus On The Athleticism and Unique Skills of Surfers
    5. To Practice Environmental Responsibility and Community Service

    Summertime Philosophy

    “Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the joy of surfing”

    SUMMERTIME surf and paddle schools have taken on the responsibility of serving the local community through our programming. Introducing people to the surf and ocean lifestyle comes with responsibility and we do not take this responsibility lightly. A great deal of thought and action goes into becoming a steward of the surf and ocean lifestyle, and the crew at Summertime is doing its best to share in the stoke with respect and Aloha.

    For writings and essays on surf and ocean culture and all things Summertime, please check out the Summertime Blog: SUMMERTIME BLOG.