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STAFF UPDATE Fall 2018     Hey guys!! Along with coaching the grom team fall program on weekends, I have recently finished my second season as a coach of the Rumson Fair Haven High School surf team. Aside from surfing a bunch, the fall...

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2018 Summer Grom Team Tryout Results

Dear Grom Team Families,    Thank you for participating in the 2018 Summer Season of Grom Teams! Practices begin this upcoming Monday, June 25th for the varsity teams, and Wednesday, June 27th for the Junior Varsity teams.   Please see below for the team rosters and information...

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2018 Stand Up Paddle Clubhouse

The Story of Paradise Found The Summertime Paddle staff is beyond stoked to announce the opening of the Summertime Paddle Clubhouse at the Manasquan River Narrows. “the Manasquan River Narrows is a paddler’s paradise… if not for the ebb and flow of the tide,...

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First Quarter 2018 It can be tough to keep track of the SUMMERTIME Crew, but once in a while, we get to catch up and see what everyone’s been up to in the past few months… and once again, we see the dream is...

OTB_TIGHE.  September Foamball Hopstep on the hound. @David_nilsen via Surfline.
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September and October 2017… will go down as some of the best weeks and months the New Jersey surf community has ever seen. Even the worlds greatest surfer Kelly Slater joined in on the action (see below). With warm water, sometimes downright summer-like heat,...

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2017 Grom Team Tryout results

Results are based on those who were present for the first tryout of 2017. A limited amount of spots are available to try out for.  Please contact to express interest in a tryout. Week 1 starts tomorrow Monday 6/19/17 Boys Varsity Team – Practice...

I guess Ireland really IS as green as is seems.
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2016 Spring Team Update

There is no place like home in the SUMMERTIME… but the rest of the year is fair game for the rest of the world! Join Gilly, Wolfy, and Shane’s slab hunting mission to Ireland, live the California Dream with Crowley, JC, DeCastro, Squiccis et. al , wander...

Summertime Surf will be at Summerfest in Point Pleasant
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SummerFest in Point Pleasant – June 6, 2015

Keeping up with the great momentum so far this year, we are happy to spread the word about a great annual event that we are participating in THIS SUNDAY- June 6th, 2015 at the 25th Annual Point Pleasant SummerFest! SummerFest is family-friendly event with tons of awesome...