Experienced surf travelers make up the core of the SUMMERTIME family

    If you are looking for that extra confidence and comfort when traveling for waves, don't forget to back your SUMMERTIME coach! Since 2009, SUMMERTIME instructors have been hired for surf trips to Costa Rica, Peru, Puerto Rico, Florida, California, Bali, Mexico, and Hawaii.

    Here’s what you can expect when you consult a SUMMERTIME coach for your next travel adventure.

    • Pre-Trip consultation
    • Advice and guidance on local hazards, customs and opportunities
    • Coaching- Technique and Approach
    • A positive approach and attitude
    • Commitment to your family’s needs
    • Personal responsibility and integrity

    WH0 & WHEN

    Shaun McGrath

    Founder & Creative Director

    Gil Olsen

    Systems Development


    Standard time commitment for a traveling surf coach on a trip is 4 hours per day of coaching.

    $150 Per Day

    When room and board is provided for the coach, not including travel days. $50 per travel day.

    $300 Per Day

    When no room or board is provided, not including travel days. $50 per travel day.