Surf Camp Overview

    The Original Surf Camp... Community supported, fully-insured, a 'rite of passage' for Jersey Shore locals & visitors since 2006

    By combining positive role models, original programming, and the ultimate learning environment (our beaches & ocean), Summertime Surf Camps have earned the reputation as the East Coast’s premier place to get started and stay involved with the surf lifestyle.

    2020 is our 15th Year of developing and refining Summertime Programs and Staff... Many of the early campers are now seasoned instructors, continuing the grassroots movement for the next generation!

    Surf Camp Basics

    • Half Day Camps for Boys & Girls ages 6-15
    • Full Day Camps for Boys & Girls ages 8-15
    • Check out Keiki Camp for kids ages 4-5-6!
    • 4 beach locations in Monmouth & Ocean Counties
    • Camps Monday-Friday - All summer long!
    • Positive learning environment
    • Learn the fundamentals in small groups
    • Original, renown teaching methods & curriculum
    • Commitment to safety and fun!
    • Note: If you are registering for more than 2 weeks, phone consultation recommended to help select the most appropriate experiences

    Safety @ Surf Camps

    The Summertime Mentality: SPF: 1. safety 2. program 3. fun

    • All aspects of our program are designed with safety as the main priority
    • Our trained staff is experienced in the SUMMERTIME systems that we developed for our unique situations
    • 4:1 student to instructor ratio at our camps
    • Staff members are Certified Lifesavers trained in CPR and First Aid, with experience and protocols working side by side with the local lifeguards and first aid squads to further ensure the safety of campers and staff
    • A healthy surfer is a happy surfer! We are prepared for emergencies and have dealt with injury, both serious and minor, effectively in the past. A tent/canopy acts as our home-base, and campers find shelter from the sun regularly throughout the day. All equipment is inspected daily for potential hazards and only beginner-friendly surfboards are used at camp. There is a waiver that must be signed due to the inherent risks of surfing and ocean & beach activities at camp. That being said, we would like to assure you that we have carefully chosen a team of responsible adults and mature young adults to provide the best experience possible for you or your child. We realize that there will be bumps, breaks, bruises, cuts, scrapes, and possibly a few tears shed, but we will work with you and your child to make sure that their experience is one that they walk away from smiling.

    Summertime Surf's Core Curriculum

    "S.W.B.A.T": (Surfer Will Be Able To) Demonstrate Improvement In:

    Ocean Skills

    • Lifeguard respect & the importance of expert supervision
    • Entering & exiting the water safely
    • Spinal Cord Injury risk awareness & mitigation skills
    • Rip Current recognition & response
    • How to use the surfboard as a lifesaving aid

    Surf Skills

    • Surfboard control
    • Proper paddle technique
    • Surfboard positioning
    • The "4 P's" of surfing
    • Catching waves
    • Making the drop
    • Timing the sets
    • …and much more!

    Life Skills

    • Respect for others & the environment
    • Physical awareness & control
    • Calibrating confidence levels (both up and down)
    • Basic Yoga Practice
    • Friendship & sharing natural resources


    Asbury Park, Bradley Beach, Belmar, Point Pleasant

    We currently offer our popular kids surf camps at our beach locations in Ocean and Monmouth Counties, New Jersey. The consistent SUMMERTIME systems are utilized at all surf camp locations. Campers learn the same curriculum at all locations and follow the same format and safety protocols.

    Please note: Ortley Beach programming has moved to Point Pleasant pending continued Sandy recovery

    @ 8th Ave Beach, since 2011
    @ Lake Terrace Beach - (on the border with OCEAN GROVE), since 2009
    @ 3rd Ave Beach, since 2006
    @ Maryland Ave Beach since 2013
    @ 3rd Ave Beach 2010-2012
    “In our hearts as the hurricane recovery continues- until then, come see us in Point!”


    Daily activities are flexible so we may adapt to changing surf conditions with safety in mind.

    Morning Session

    9am -12noon

    $395 / week - $100 / day

    9:00am - 9:15am
    Camper Sign In / Welcome / Sunscreen Application

    9:16am – 9:25am
    Warm Up - Yoga, Swim, Run

    9:26am - 9:30am
    Break off into Small Groups (campers can group with friends)

    9:31am - 10:15am
    Station #1 - Ocean Skills Station

    10:16am - 11:00am
    Station #2 - Surf Skills Station

    11:01am - 11:30am
    FreeSurf Station

    11:31am - 11:59am
    Group Activity / Beach Cleanup / Friday Award Ceremony

    Camper Sign Out

    Full Day Session

    9am - 4pm

    Ages 8 and up ONLY

    $595 / week - $150 / day

    9:00am - 12noon
    Campers (8yrs+) follow the Morning Session schedule. Full day campers are recognized at the start of the day for their commitment to the long week of surf skill building

    12noon – 12:35pm
    Supervised break & lunch under the shade of our tent

    12:36pm - 1:15pm
    Surfing Enrichment Program - for more info on our "Talk Story" please click here

    1:15pm - 4:00pm
    Full Day campers join Afternoon campers schedule for additional skill building practice

    Camper Sign Out

    Afternoon Session

    1pm - 4pm

    $395 / week - $100 / day

    1:00pm - 1:15pm
    Camper Sign In / Welcome / Sunscreen Application

    1:16pm – 1:25pm
    Warm Up - Yoga, Swim, Run

    1:26pm - 1:30pm
    Break off into Small Groups (campers can group with friends)

    1:31pm - 2:15pm
    Station #1 - Ocean Skills Station

    2:16pm - 3:00pm
    Station #2 - Surf Skills Station

    3:01pm - 3:30pm
    FreeSurf Station

    3:31pm - 3:59pm
    Group Activity / Beach Cleanup / Friday Award Ceremony

    Camper Sign Out


    A few facts and tips about availability and registration:

    • Full Day program not availalbe for campers under 8 years old
    • Due to the high rate of returning campers, many weeks of the summer sell out before camps start in June. We HIGHLY recommend registering AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE to ensure your preferred week and location
    • We will not compromise our program quality by overselling or overcrowding our camps. Safety and small groups are the keys to successful experiences
    • There is a waiting list for sold out weeks, so if you do not have calendar flexibility or cannot make it to a different location, there is a chance you can get in if another family cancels
    • TIP: Campers who start in the beginning of summer have the whole season to practice new skills
    • If you are registering multiple campers, use the code "friends20" during the online checkout process for our Friends and Family Discount!!