The Summertime Paddle Clubhouse at the Manasquan River Narrows

    505 Ridge Road - Brick, NJ 08742

    The new location for Summertime Paddle is a true "paddling paradise."  Inside Lightning Jack's Marina, tucked away deep in the back of the Manasquan River, you'll find a gorgeous environment where Monmouth and Ocean Counties meet. Its common to observe bald eagles, heron, osprey, and other beautiful birds & wildlife. A paddle on "The Narrows" can fill the soul with a sense of peace and adventure. Is it time for you to check out this perfect sanctuary and get away from the crashing waves, beach crowds and the rest the hustle and bustle of summer?

    “… if not for the ebb and flow of the tide, one would forget that they are exploring the furthest reaches of the Atlantic as it winds up the Manasquan River Wildlife Area.”

    Family Eco Tour

    Discover the wonders of nature

    Explore the coastal environment guided by a local expert! Enjoy an hour-and-a-half class paddling the Manasquan River Narrows. Open to families with experienced paddlers ages 8 and up, the class focus is on the observation and appreciation of the Manasquan River State Wildlife Area's unspoiled local ecosystem. The class includes the use of our professional fleet of paddle boards, paddles, and low-profile PFDs. Educational, safe, & fun!

    Wednesdays & Saturdays, 5:30pm - 7pm

  • $33.00 (equipment included)
  • Note: If you have never paddled before, please take private lessons first to learn the basics of paddle technique.

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  • Ladies Paddle Group

    It's more fun to paddle together

    Grab your girlfriends and head on down to the Summertime Paddle Clubhouse for a fun, evening paddle. By combining experienced paddle professionals and the ultimate learning environment (gorgeous flat-water narrows), the Summertime Ladies Paddle Group is New Jersey's premier place to disconnect from stress and stay connected with other enthusiastic paddlers.

    Tuesdays, 5:30pm - 7:00pm

  • $5 per session with your own equipment
  • $33 per session with borrowed equipment
  • Note: If you have never paddled before, please take private lessons first to learn the basics of paddle technique

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    A Floating Eco Tour & Yoga Experience

    Away from the overstimulating world is Summertime Stand Up Paddle Clubhouse. This oasis, winding through the beautiful reeds lining the Manasquan River Narrows is the perfect way to "hit the reset button" before the coming week. Join us as we guide you through a relaxing, yet invigorating paddle combined with a light S.U.P. yoga session, and enjoy the sounds, smells and sights of fresh air, birds, and wildlife. Paddle in a natural setting away from boat traffic, and far from any noisy roadways. Follow a moving “paddle meditation” to help soak in the beautiful ecosystem around us, and allow ourselves to reflect, and recharge. A light snack and water are provided on a break in the shade halfway through our 2-hour journey.

    Sundays, 10:30am-12:30pm

  • $45 (equipment included)

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  • S.U.P. YOGA

    Bring your yoga practice to the water and allow yourself to connect deeper with the elements of nature, the true root of yoga

    This class is for those who are comfortable with a yoga practice and have some experience with Stand Up Paddle. A 60-minute vinyasa yoga flow on an anchored paddleboard in the beautiful setting of the Manasquan River Narrows. vinyasa sup flow. Students enjoy a fluid sequence led by Sandy Hall, RYT 200 certified & S.U.P. yoga certified & senior Summertime Stand Up Paddle Instructor.

    Wednesdays, 7:30am - 8:30am

    Saturdays, 8:30am - 9:30am

  • $33 - equipment included

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  • S.U.P. Race Class

    Getting involved in the local race scene

    Summertime Surf Racing Series Curriculum

    Purpose: To provide paddlers who are interested in racing or already have racing experience the opportunity to learn and improve upon racing skills and techniques.

    Objective: By the end of the racing series, paddlers will have the necessary skills to participate in a stand up paddleboard race.

    Every week, we will alternate between a specific skill and interval conditioning. To measure individual improvement, students will have the opportunity to participate in a weekly 1 mile time trial at the end of the session. Participants can elect to be in a closed facebook group that includes suggested stretches, workouts, racing nutrition and hydration tips, as well as information about local racing opportunities so to test their new skills!

    Weekly Race Series Format:

    • Land stretch (all boards on the water by 5:45)
    • 10 minute warm-up easy paddle
    • 30-45 minute skills-based training of the week (explain, model/demonstrate, student-led practice) OR 30-45 minute timed interval workout
    • 1 mile time trial
    • Cool down paddle (off water by 7:00)
    • Land stretch (together if time permits or on your own)

    • Skills based training:

    • Race starts (water starts and/or land starts)
    • Reading the water, handling chop, board control
    • Sprint work
    • Buoy turns
    • Drafting
    • Board footwork
    • Paddle stroke technique

      Thursdays 5:30pm - 7pm

    • $5 per session with your own equipment
    • $33 per session with borrowed equipment

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