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Quick Details

Surf Camp Participant Ages 18+

New Jersey Adult Surf Classes

The Adult Surf Class is a great way to improve skills and gain valuable guided practice in a small group setting. Adult Surf Classes are for participants that have some surfing experience and can independently paddle out and catch their own waves. During a class, students receive feedback on wave selection, technique, equipment choices, and more.

It is a prerequisite that you have either taken a lesson with us prior and been recommended to the class or that you have enough surfing experience to consider yourself an independent surfer who does not need any physical assistance in the water to catch waves.

This class is great for adults that have completed a 3-pack or 12-pack of private lessons and are now looking for guided practice without needing one-on-one coaching all the time. If you are trying to take your surfing to the next level, this is a great program for you! See you in the water soon!