Last year, the phone rang a lot.  If you called 732.599.2700, most of the time, the smiling voice on the other line belonged to Sam.  Sam’s easy-going personality shines through as she makes everyone around her happy to hear her voice.  Sam is also a talented artist, and along with her sister, Sydney, helped make the SUMMERTIME truck into a fabulous moving piece of art.  


Where did you go to high school? Freehold Township High School


Where do you go to college and what did you major in? I graduated from Montclair State University with a BA in Psychology and minored in Art. I’m currently in Grad School at Monmouth University for Mental Health Counseling.


How long have you been involved with Summertime? I’ve been with Summertime for about 4 years!


Why do you work here? I work at Summertime Surf because it is so different than any other job out there! This job is filled with amazingly talented and dedicated people who truly do what they love, and it is such a wonderful thing to see and be a part of.


Besides working here, what else do you do to pay your bills? I hostess, dog walk, and occasionally make some art pieces to sell.


Do you have any talents? I love painting, drawing, and dancing.


Are you an Artist or Musician? I would consider myself an artist.


What kind of music or art inspires you? There is no particular art or music that inspires me – I enjoy all kinds of art, and if I do like something in particular about it, I take that idea and use it in my own way with my art pieces. So you can say that all art inspires me.