Role Models

    Share time in the water with true role models. Ocean Staff are experts in the water & responsible on land.


    Mission Statement:

    “To cultivate the ultimate environment for teaching and learning the practices and values of the surf and ocean lifestyle.”

    That means building a world class team of ocean-minded role models for participants, and a stellar support staff to help make the entire operation run smoothly.

    Do you have what it takes to be a part of the team?

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    The Staff

    Get to know the faces of Summertime... Over a decade strong, the community keeps growing year after year.

    JD LaCarrubba

    Manager - Kids Surf Camp, Belmar

    Brad Squicciarini

    Instructor & Camp Counselor

    Sammy Pwela

    Office Administrator & Boardwalk Staff

    Jess Kwiesinski

    Girls Grom Team Coach, Camp Counselor, Instructor

    Kerry O’Neill

    S.U.P. Instructor, Camp Counselor, Paddle Group Manager

    Morgan Stierman

    Asbury Park Kids Camp Manager

    Marissa “MD” DiNapolli

    Instructor & Camp Counselor

    Dylon O’Donnell

    Camp Counselor & Handyman

    Matt “Poncho” King

    Camp Counselor & Instructor

    Brendan “BTIGHE” Tighe

    Manager - Kid's Surf Camp, Point Pleasant Beach

    Eric McMahon

    Camp Counselor & Instructor

    Marilyn McGrath

    S.U.P. Kids Camp Manager + Instructor

    Jeff Hoffman

    Manager - Kid's Surf Camp Bradley Beach

    Sydney Osso

    Resident Artist & Boardwalk Staff

    Rob Caldera

    Kids Surf Camp Manager - Bradley Beach

    Sandy Hall

    S.U.P. instructor & Yogi

    Casey Kwiesinski

    Girls Grom Team Coach

    Gil Olsen

    Systems Development

    Bailey Redy

    Instructor & Camp Counselor

    Shaun McGrath

    Founder & Creative Director

    Donna Fortney

    Women's Surf Weekend Host & Full time Grom Mom

    Jason Baggit

    Instructor & Camp Counselor

    Steven “Sterv” Razey

    Instructor & Camp Counselor

    Bryan Foley

    Instructor & Camp Counselor

    Abby Redy

    Surf Camp Instructor


    Team Mascot

    John Barrett

    Surf Instructor

    Drew Squicciarini

    Surf & S.U.P. Camp Counselor, Instructor

    Kenny Noto

    Camp Counselor & Instructor

    Thomas “Wolfe” Wolfmuller

    Manager - Belmar Kids Surf Camp & Instructor

    Todd Hundley

    Instructor & Insurance Bro

    Nikki Aufiero

    Resident Yogi

    Peter Rinaldi

    Surf Instructor & Handyman

    Rachael Wagner

    Camp Counselor

    Olivia Kenney

    Boardwalk Staff & Photographer

    Lucas Netchert

    S.U.P. Instructor

    Samantha Osso 

    Office Administrator & Boardwalk Staff

    Colin “C-MAC” McNamara

    Master Instructor, Camp Counselor & Commentator in Chief

    Brett “Yogaman” Lehr

    Instructor & Resident Yogi

    Dennis Crowley

    Instructor, Camp Counselor, & Office Intern

    Curran Fallon

    Surf & S.U.P. Jedi

    Chris Kinsel

    Camp Counselor & Staff Photographer

    Shane Fitzgerald

    Camp Counselor & Instructor

    Jeynner Granados

    Instructor and Grom Team Coach