Role Models

    Share time in the water with true role models. Ocean Staff are experts in the water & responsible on land.


    Mission Statement:

    “To cultivate the ultimate environment for teaching and learning the practices and values of the surf and ocean lifestyle.”

    That means building a world class team of ocean-minded role models for participants, and a stellar support staff to help make the entire operation run smoothly.

    Do you have what it takes to be a part of our team?

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    The Team

    Get to know the faces of SUMMERTIME... Over a decade strong, our community keeps growing year after year.

    Donna Fortney

    Women's Surf Weekend Host & Full time Grom Mom

    Olivia Kenney

    Boardwalk Staff & Photographer

    Shane Fitzgerald

    Camp Counselor & Instructor

    Rob Caldera

    Instructor & Camp Counselor

    Marilyn Gargiulo

    S.U.P. Kids Camp Manager + Instructor

    Brad Squicciarini

    Instructor & Camp Counselor

    Jeff Hoffman

    Manager - Bradley Beach

    JD LaCarrubba

    Manager - Kids Surf Camp, Belmar

    Tyler Redy

    Manager, Grom Team Coach, Instructor

    Drew Squicciarini

    Surf & S.U.P. Camp Counselor, Instructor

    Brendan “BTIGHE” Tighe

    Manager- Point Pleasant Beach

    Bailey Redy

    Instructor & Camp Counselor

    Thomas “Wolfe” Wolfmuller

    Manager - Belmar Kids Surf Camp & Instructor

    Dennis Crowley

    Instructor, Camp Counselor, & Office Intern

    Kenny Noto

    Camp Counselor & Instructor

    Colin “C-MAC” McNamara

    Master Instructor, Camp Counselor & Commentator in Chief

    Paul Francisco

    Camp Counselor

    Marissa “MD” DiNapolli

    Instructor & Camp Counselor

    Krista Duerr

    Camp Counselor

    Nikki Aufiero


    Brett “Yogaman” Lehr

    Instructor & Resident Yogi

    Dylon O’Donnell

    Camp Counselor & Handyman

    Kerry O’Neill

    S.U.P. Instructor, Camp Counselor, Paddle Group Manager

    Jeynner Granados

    Instructor and Grom Team Coach

    Shaun McGrath

    Founder & Creative Director

    Sydney Osso

    Boardwalk Staff

    Brendan Merkler

    Camp Counselor

    Casey Kwiesinski

    Girls Grom Team Coach + Camp Counselor & Instructor

    Jess Kwiesinski

    Girls Grom Team Coach, Camp Counselor, Instructor

    Bryan Foley

    Instructor & Camp Counselor

    Lucas Netchert

    S.U.P. Instructor

    Gil Olsen

    Systems Development

    Jason Baggit

    Instructor & Camp Counselor


    Team Mascot

    Morgan Stierman

    Camp Counselor & Instructor

    Jon Carlo “Jay-See” Santos

    Instructor & Camp Counselor

    Samantha Osso 

    Boardwalk Staff & Receptionist Extraordinaire

    Chris Kinsel

    Camp Counselor & Staff Photographer

    Kacie Rettig

    Boardwalk Staff

    Steven “Sterv” Razey

    Instructor & Camp Counselor

    Vanessa Siravo

    Instructor & Camp Counselor

    Matt “Poncho” King

    Camp Counselor & Instructor