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Quick Details

  • Enjoy an ultra-premium, two-day experience at the world’s best man-made wave
  • Gain access to a surfing destination not available to the general public
  • Travel package includes a comprehensive pre-trip briefing with Summertime Surf coaches 
  • Unparalleled progression opportunity (for ANY ability level)
  • Customized Wave Settings and cater to ALL ABILITY LEVELS – from absolute beginners to elite-level athletes. 

Currently Available Opportunities:

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Women’s Surf Ranch Retreat

Summertime Surf School presents the perfect program to inspire, motivate, and empower women through the surfing experience, in the ultimate environment.

Pre-Trip Briefing and Coaching

This bucket-list experience gives women an unparalleled surf experience through on-land instruction,  yoga practice, and plenty of water time with world-class in-water coaching and assistance if needed. 

“The progression from my first heat to my last heat was EXPONENTIAL- This was a dream come true, and I can’t wait to share it with YOU! – ” – Donna Fortney, Surf Ranch Retreat Host

About the Surf Ranch

The Kelly Slater Surf Ranch is a one-of-a-kind, immersive surf experience located over 100 miles from the ocean in central California.  The Surf Ranch is a bucket-list surf destination, offering perfect waves, overnight lodging and farm-to-table cuisine.  Summertime’s trips to the Ranch have delivered lifelong memories for those lucky enough to visit. 

About Your Guides

Summertime Surf is uniquely positioned to host and guide this bucket-list experience. 

Summertime Surf Guides:

  • Have experienced the Surf Ranch as both guests and hosts on multiple occasions
  • Have developed a pre-trip briefing and coaching program that increases success rate during the experience 
  • Have Patented technology specific to coaching on KSWC technology, (and only our guests have access to). 
  • Have been employed with the WSL at Surf Ranch for years

The Summertime pre-trip briefing and preparation content can be invaluable.  Receive tactical tips, secret insights, and personalized guidance to increase your wave count, chances of success, and enhance the experience before you even step foot through the Surf Ranch gates.

Time flies when you’re having fun, so we’ve carefully considered each step of your journey to enhance your experience and maximize your time in this special, cutting-edge slice of paradise.


10 Years of Surf Experience in just a few sessions Surf Ranch

The Surf Ranch and the customized virtual reality barrel technology took my surfing to heights I never thought possible—like gaining ten years' worth of natural surfing experience in just a few sessions. It's been the best investment of my life, hands down. I'll always remember this as one of my peak experiences.

Thank You Summertime Coaches Surf Ranch

The fact that this wave is different than any wave in the ocean (especially during the takeoff, and the barrel portions), learning about it beforehand so that you’re not “figuring it out” during the actual experience was crucial in minimizing the amount of waves you can potentially lose (at a great expense), shortening the learning curve, and maximizing the enjoyment of the waves you ride.

Maximized EVERY Opportunity Surf Ranch

The Zoom meeting, where we delved into the mechanics of the Surf Ranch waves vs. natural phenomena, along with the valuable tips to enhance my surfing during my time at the ranch, was incredibly beneficial. It felt like I maximized every opportunity for improvement.

You'll be a pro in no time! Surf Ranch

Just dive right in without overthinking it. Investing in this experience will pay off more than you can imagine—you'll be riding barrels like a pro in no time. I couldn't believe how much I improved, and I saw total beginners go from zero to surfing by the end of their session.

You have to go! Surf Ranch

You have to go! The entire experience is beyond definition. Comparing the Surf Ranch to a surf trip is not the same. They are entirely different experiences.

Make it happen! Surf Ranch

What ever sacrifice you need to make, make it. You Have to go.

Amazing Surf Coaching Technology Surf Ranch

This patented technology proved indispensable for refining my barrel-riding skills during my stay. After immersing myself in the dynamics of the barrel through virtual reality, I hit the water with newfound confidence. I was able to get barrelled more than I deserve for my surfing skill set. Simply put, surfing at the Ranch revolves around mastering the barrel, and this technology 10x's your chances of doing so. It unquestionably enhances the ability to ride barrels to the fullest.

Life Changing Experience Surf Ranch

It's hard to sum up how incredible this trip was. Surfing with Summertime at the Surf Ranch was intense and powerful, and the euphoric experience occurred over such a short duration, that it almost felt like a dream. The best dream sequence ever!! It's a truly epic surf journey that touches your soul. The feeling you have while at the ranch, and the memories you take with you, are like nothing I've experienced before. If you are even considering it, get off the fence and go. Accepting the invite will inevitably change your life!