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    “Thanks for a great week for my kids, Zach and Emma. This was their first time surfing and both came out of this past week saying it was hands down the best camp and best week ever. They've done a lot of fun stuff this summer so I think this truly was a win! The instructors at the Belmar camp were wonderful - the kids enjoyed their company and I was very happy with how they ran the camp, they kept my kids safe, happy and having fun. We will be back for sure. “
    -Natasha Murphy Belmar, Week 7, 2016

    “Thanks again..... my kids had an amazing experience this past week. They can't wait till next summer to do again! Thanks for the recommendation and a great BIG thanks to all of the most wonderful staff who kept my babies safe and happy! It was super fantastic for my kids! They are already manipulating me for full day next year! Thanks again!”
    -Denise Stump, July 29, 2016

    “I just want to let you know that my son James did the Summertime surf camp in Asbury Park last week and had a wonderful time. Your instructors were so great. Morgan and crew did an awesome job of instructing the kids as well as providing a fun and safe environment. I will definitely recommend this camp!”
    -Gemma Doster, July 18, 2016

    “My 3 children just completed a week of camp in Bradley Beach. The team there was awesome! It was so exciting to watch the kids be encouraged and supported no matter what level of ability. As a parent I loved the fact that safety and understanding the ocean are a big part of the program. As participants my children loved that fact that they could ride a wave on day one! And that the waves got bigger as the week went on. Our only complaint is that we can not spend the entire summer with the SummerTimeSurf team. See you in the water!”
    -Jennifer N, July 15, 2016

    “I wanted to write you to let you know about the great experience I had with your company today. My two children took their first surf lesson this afternoon. Their instructor was Sterv. We had a great experience and plan to come back again soon. Sterv was great with both kids and helped both to have an unforgettable day. I will definitely be recommending your program to others because of how impressed I was with the instructor.”
    -Nicole W. July 11, 2016

    “I am replying, because if it wasn't for you guys, my daughter would not have the confidence she has now. And the continual love for the ocean and all of the friends we have made along the way. So Thank You for all you do!!”
    -Jody V. 2015

    "“Dear Shaun and everyone at Summertime Surf Camp, Thank you so much for the wonderful experience my 3 kids, Jack (11), Eva (9) and Ruby (6), had at Summertime Surf Camp this summer! We rented a house in Asbury Park, NJ for the month of August, and after my son spied some surfers while at the beach, stated he wanted to find a surfing camp to attend. We were so happy to discover Summertime Surf Camp, right in Asbury Park! At first we were just going to send the older 2 since my 6 year old is not a strong swimmer, but we were assured that there would be others her age and level, and they would be well taken care of. She loved it! After one week of camp they all wanted to do it again… by the 3rd week, my oldest was using birthday money to make his first large purchase, a new (used) surf board! As the kids were discovering their new love of surfing, our whole family was discovering another new love, Asbury Park, New Jersey! My husband and I started looking at houses online and then in person. The more we looked, the more eager we became to make the move. We live in Manhattan with our 4 young children, and for 9 years have owned a vacation home in the Poconos Mountains in PA. The drive on weekends has become too tiring, over 2 hours without traffic, 3-4 with traffic and the inevitable stops! It was too far for us to spend the summer and have my husband do any commuting during the week. We wanted something closer, and we were ready to trade the lakes and mountains for the beach! We looked in Asbury Park and surrounding towns; Loch Arbour, Interlaken, Bradley Beach and Ocean Grove. There are mixed sentiments about Asbury Park. Many people told us about the incredible changes they’ve seen in the last 10 years, raving about everything from the music to the restaurants, shops, boardwalk, arts and it’s eclectic and diverse residents. Meanwhile, a broker, who we only used once, flat out said, “I’m happy you’re not looking in Asbury Park. I read what goes on there” as she showed us a home in Interlaken, a stone’s throw away. We told her we are actually looking in Asbury, thank you very much! Her response was “Well I’m glad people like you are seeing the potential and changing things”. Alrighty then. Well by our last day of renting for the month, we were signing a contract for a new townhouse going up on the south end of Asbury Park! The next day, our house in PA was on the market! We could not be more thrilled with the location. Living in the city, we love being able to walk to everything. Our location is an easy (9 mins by our slowest child) walk to the beach, another quick walk to all the amazing restaurants and shops on Cookman and surrounding blocks, and a stone’s throw away from the charming Ocean Grove, right across the lake, via footbridge. We are also a quick walk to the Asbury Train Station, which is great for guests and commuting options. Shaun, when we first told the kids we’d be looking to make the move while we rented this summer, they were all unhappy with the idea of selling their beloved Poconos house, in exchange for beach living. I really think it was your surf camp that turned them around! My oldest son, entering 7th grade in middle school, met a boy in camp who lives 5 blocks from us and will be going to his school, in 6th grade, this year. We also befriended a family from Westchester who just bought a vacation home in Asbury last year. We’ve exchanged info and even looked at a house next door to theirs, during our search. We also met their houseguest who is now looking in Asbury for her family, and have been exchanging house hunting info with each other. We are looking forward to seeing these new friends in the summers ahead! And the kids are 100% on board with selling in PA and owning in NJ! Thank you again! We look forward to many years of surf camp ahead. And my husband and I promised our son that we’d take surf lessons as well. We can’t promise we’ll be successful, but we are going to try!”
    -Dara Genesi, Sept 2015

    “Dear Summertime Surf, Thank you for a great week! My son, Jimmy Hannam learned so much and has a greater appreciation for the ocean!”
    -Kerry, Aug 14, 2016


    “I had a private surf lesson with Rob back on 8/26 and i am still stoked from it. I was amazed at the amount i improved just within that lesson. Each tip he gave me both on the beach and in the water directly contributed to me having a much better surfing foundation. He was patient, professional and genuinely enthusiastic. The love he has for surfing and teaching people to surf was contagious. I actually heard him cheering for me when i caught a wave and pulled off my first turn! In that exact moment i understood what it meant to be and feel stoked! Based on this lesson i will be referring Rob and Summertime Surf to everyone i can. Thank You and keep up the great work!”
    -Matt, Sept 2015

    “It turns out, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Thank you for my surfing experience, my 2nd time attending Summertime Surf Women’s weekend. I love the ocean and have spent most of every summer in it my whole life of 43 years, playing, swimming and boogie boarding. I always dreamed of riding waves standing up, hanging-out in the water far-off the beach past the swimmers on the edge of the deep on a surfboard communing with the ocean. I always wanted to surf but didn’t believe I could do it; I was afraid I didn’t have the strength, that I would just fail. As I’ve gotten older, my confidence has increased and I think that’s a general rule for women. Each decade I have been more confident than the last, less concerned with being perfect, more interested in trying out even my most ambitious interests. I am not as convinced by my perceived limitations anymore, and have a better attitude about trying/failing. So what if I fail? Better to just try, no matter the outcome. After my first experience attempting to surf when I was 42, in such a playful and supportive environment, I was fortified to keep up my attempts. I was so encouraged and had so much fun in 2015 in the supportive environment Summertime Surf created, I was determined to make it happen again in 2016. This summer proved to be another inspiring weekend that has me excited and hopeful about surfing, determined to improve. I gained greater understanding this year and look forward to more practice. Having the pictures from Joe of my trials on the waves, really let me see what I was doing (instead of what I thought I was doing!) and make mental notes to learn from my mistakes. It made all the difference to learn with other women, to benefit from their bravery and attempts. The instructors were filled with patience and helpful advice, lots of positivity and humor to make learning possible. Thank you Summertime Surf School, for really making dreams come true. LOVE <3”
    -Jane, Aug 31, 2016


    “Marissa was absolutely awesome. She had no problem working me into her schedule, since my work schedule can be so hectic. She was encouraging, personable, and had no problem the 8 million questions I had. I am so glad I got to get lessons with her, and I wish her best of luck in school! Maybe I’ll see you next summer! :) And also, major thank you to the staff at Summertime Surf for being so awesome. You guys are always friendly, and I hope to see you more before summer is out! :)

    “Hello! I want to tell the whole world wat an amazing group of amazing people you all are at summertime surf...Rob, charmander aka..Charlie..Alba..n the blonde super nice other guy..they were so great!!! my 3 boys Tommy Danny n Charlie..All had an over the moon amazing FUN time at camp last week...we all felt this amazing experience..thank you for your compassion for a family u didnt even know but cud and so did help?☮?...it is unbelievably humbling to accept kindness of strangers..so from this humble heart..I wish you all the very best success this year in watever you do..watever life brings u..I believe good circles around..n I pray it does for all of you at this very special camp..we can't wait for next year!! And the year after that..I hope to see lily now 3 out there in a few years!! Best wishes n much luv???☮?Thank you so much from all of us in the Conmy home!! ?”
    -Marie Conmy, Aug 14, 2016


    “Summertime Surf has been a family attraction in Belmar for close to a decade and I hope they are hear for years to come.”
    - Belmar Mayor Matt Dougherty

    “These guys are doing amazing things for our kids in Asbury Park”
    - former Mayor of Asbury Park Ed Johnson


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