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"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."


Summertime Surf’s Mission statement has always been:

“Providing the ultimate environment for teaching and learning the practices and values of the surf and ocean lifestyle.”

Our roots and home base may be the Jersey Shore, but “the ultimate environment” extends to all corners of the globe. We collaborate with local partners to provide expert coaching and guidance to facilitate one-of-a-kind experiences. 


Purposefully Planned Excursions

Nicaragua - Playa Colorado

Grom Team directors have selected Playa
Colorado for its consistency in serving
up challenging, yet approachable conditions during the summer months. Best of all, the predominant winds are offshore all-day-long. This gives the potential for several surf sessions each day without the need to leave the backyard.

Intensive Coaching Opportunities

Outer Banks

The Outer Banks offer some of the best surfing in America, and late Spring offers consistent swell and favorable conditions for our level 3 & 4 surfers.  Our veteran coaches have made the pilgrimage to the Outer Banks countless times, and now pass their knowledge and expertise to the Grom Team.

Strike Missions

Surf Ranch

Enjoy exclusive access to Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch for an amazing two-day experience for a small but lucky group of participants.


Don’t miss out on 2024 adventures!


JUST DO IT! Surf Ranch

It's an amazing experience and the people you take this trip with absolutely matters. We can't say enough about the Summertime Surf team and how welcoming, knowledgeable, prepared, accessible, kind and helpful everyone was. I would say it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, but we're hoping to go on the next one :) :) :)

Life Changing Experience Surf Ranch

It's hard to sum up how incredible this trip was. Surfing with Summertime at the Surf Ranch was intense and powerful, and the euphoric experience occurred over such a short duration, that it almost felt like a dream. The best dream sequence ever!! It's a truly epic surf journey that touches your soul. The feeling you have while at the ranch, and the memories you take with you, are like nothing I've experienced before. If you are even considering it, get off the fence and go. Accepting the invite will inevitably change your life!

Can’t get any better ! Nicaragua

Do it !! You will love it so much and have the best experience with amazing people! It is a trip you will never forget! It was fun, safe and amazing! Thank you for an amazing experience!