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Sammy Pwela

You can always count on Sammy P to tell it like it is.  She cuts straight to the truth about whatever situation she finds herself in, whether that be evaluating the best line to take climbing the mountain or how to deal with an unforeseen obstacle...

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Peter Rinaldi

Q & A   Where did you go to high school?  -Jackson Memorial HS   Where did you go to college and what did you major in? –2 years at Flagler College studying Environmental Science & Currently attending Georgian Court University Majoring in Biology Education   Did...

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Abby Redy

Q & A Where did you go to high school? – Manasquan What are you doing after HS? – I plan to join the Coast Guard What was your first year working at SUMMERTIME?  2015 Were you ever a camper or grom team member? I was a grom...

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Eric McMahon

Q & A Where did you go to high school? -Howell High School   Where did you go to college and what did you major in? -Attending Brookdale Community College   What certifications do you have? -CPR What was your first year working at SUMMERTIME?  -first year 2016...

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John Barrett

Q & A Where did you go to high school ? Brick Memorial High School    Where did you go to college and what did you major in? University of Hawaii – BS in Computer Engineering, Monmouth University – MS in Software Engineering    What certifications...

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Curran Fallon

Curran Fallon has been a steward of the Jersey Shore surf community since most other instructors were in diapers. Yet, more than anyone, Curran lets his “inner-grom” swim free.  Curran’s youthful sense of wonder and adventure is contagious and he is a true master of “getting on...

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Sandy Hall

When Sandy is at work, her positivity shines like the sun.  That probably because she says she is happiest when she is outside in the sunshine, breathing the fresh air and in the warm weather.  A major part of Summertime S.U.P. operations since 2014...

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Jeynner Granados

Jeynner brings the stoke meter to a whole new pinnacle, adding his special flavor of passion and perspective to the team.  This young Nicaragua-born phenom is grom at heart, thirsty to learn and focused on his goals.  Love brought him to the U.S.A. and...

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Jason Baggit

Jason came out of the blue one year and impressed us with his hard work ethic and his genuine talent for working with kids.  An “unknown” to most of the staff, he quickly blended right in with his positive attitude and overall good nature....

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Olivia Kenney

Olivia is awesome…. more on her awesomeness coming soon…   Where did you go to high school? Wall High School   How long have you been involved with SUMMERTIME Surf & Paddle Schools?  I’ve been working here since I was 16!   Why do you work with...

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Samantha Osso 

Last year, the phone rang a lot.  If you called 732.599.2700, most of the time, the smiling voice on the other line belonged to Sam.  Sam’s easy-going personality shines through as she makes everyone around her happy to hear her voice.  Sam is also a...

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Rachael Wagner

Q & A  with Rachael  Where did you go to high school? Point Pleasant Beach HS Where do you go to college? Brookdale Community College What certifications do you have? CPR How long have you been involved with Summertime Surf? since 2012   Why do you...

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Sydney Osso

Seeing Sydney up at the boardwalk is a great way to start your day.  She seems to always be in a good mood, and always working on some kind of cool art project.  Her positivity is contagious, and it’s easy to see why people around her are...

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Kenny Noto

Kenny approached us out of the blue a couple seasons ago.  He was one of the first people “outsiders” to jump right into a tight-knit organization without knowing someone that worked on the team directly, but his work ethic and professionalism made him to a valued...

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Matt “Poncho” King

Poncho is one of the OGs. (original groms)  He started coming to the surf camp when he was just a little “ponchito” and has since worked his way into one of the most trusted instructors in the whole bunch.  Poncho comes from a storied local...

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Morgan Stierman

photo copyright Mary Dunham, shore shot images.   The only thing that burns brighter than Morgan’s personality is perhaps his future.  A standout student at Belmar Elementary, and later at Bio Tech, Morgan used his academic success to earn a scholarship to the University...

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Marilyn McGrath

Miss G, or Marilyn’s talents for teaching are easy to see.  She is a true ambassador for the paddle lifestyle and has inspired many people to take up Stand Up Paddle as a healthy outlet for ocean and water recreation.  A former runner, Marilyn...

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Shane Fitzgerald

Shane Fitz is a Belmar local who has been turning heads since he was a young grommet surfing the jetty at 8th Avenue.  A stylish surfer and skater, Shane is also a very hard worker who is willing to go the extra mile to give...

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Brad Squicciarini

Brad Squicciarini is an OG (original grom) who might just be the smartest cookie in the jar.  More than just good looks and cut abs, Brad is a valedictorian at Wall High School.  At Summertime, Brad uses his big brain and strong brawn at the...

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Dylon O’Donnell

Dylon, “the Deputy” O’Donnell is like no other.  As an OG (original grom) Dylon’s ability to entertain the campers and camp counselors keeps those around him laughing both with him and sometimes at him.  He isn’t afraid to make a joke at his own...

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Nikki Aufiero

Do you know anyone who stays positive and calm under virtually any circumstance?  When Nikki joined Summertime in 2014, she was promptly thrown into the deep end.  She held down our first full season on the boardwalk in Asbury Park and then stepped up...

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Donna Fortney

Donna Fortney is a go-getter.  She is the kind of person who sets goals, and then becomes determined to achieve letting nothing stop her.  There aren’t too many moms out there that get inspired to start surfing after having two kids, but there aren’t too many...

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Bryan Foley

Foley is a one-of-a-kind.  When he first came aboard with Summertime, people weren’t sure exactly what to make of his non-stop positive energy.  “Could he really stay that stoked all summer?”  Bryan hasn’t wiped the smile off his face since the day he paddled...

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Todd Hundley

How do you stand out in the surf community where everyone is trying to stand out and be cooler than the next guy?  Be Todd Hundley- do your own thing, be yourself and have a good laugh at everyone who takes themselves too seriously. ...

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Chris Kinsel

The entire Kinsel family has been involved with Summertime Surf since day 1, and the Belmar community has been better off because of it.  Chris has not only been able to benefit from the ride-but has helped document it as well.  Chris has a level of passion, maturity, and...

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Alex “Grom-son” Johnson

In early 2014, out of the blue, we got a cover letter email from a former camper asking to volunteer because he liked what we were doing.  He never asked for anything but a chance to help and the opportunity to learn.  He showed up...

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Brendan “BTIGHE” Tighe

B. Tighe has worked his way through every working role for Summertime surf camps.  He has grown with the company and has inspired campers and co-workers at every step of the way.  He started working in Belmar in 2007, moved to Bradley in 2009, moved again...

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Rob Caldera

A few years ago, Rob is was one of the first couple people to cold-call Summertime Surf about a position.  He proved himself at the tryouts and then has been one of the most positive and enthusiastic instructors to don a green shirt. Rob...

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Lucas Netchert

When Lucas started out as an S.U.P. instructor, he was right at home, literally.  Living across the street from Belmar’s L Street River beach, he keeps a close eye over his domain.  He’s enthusiasm is infectious, and his answer to “Why do you work at SUMMERTIME?” below...

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Kerry O’Neill

Kerry O is the kind of person who inspires people to open their minds and live their dreams.  A seasoned traveler who has surfed and paddled all over the world, she is also a dedicated yogi and certified yoga instructor.   At SUMMERTIME, Kerry can...

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Bailey Redy

Bailey was standout Grom Team surfer who transitioned to a Summertime Camp Counselor and instructor.  An all-around waterman with a sly sense of humor, Bailey’s efforts with the Summertime crew will not soon be forgotten.  He is now using his waterman acumen to serve...

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Thomas “Wolfe” Wolfmuller

Wofly is half man, half guerilla bull shark, and half superhero of stoke.  The man simply defines positive energy.  As Manager of Belmar’s flagship kid’s surf camp, Wolfy is a camper favorite year after year.  You are never going to find anything bad to say about this guy...

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Stormy is Summertime Surf’s four legged friend. Our director Mark Gilmartin adopted Stormy as a rescue dog while in Puerto Rico in 2014.  She is commonly found in our office during our peak season and on the beaches of Belmar during the Spring and Fall...

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Shaun McGrath

Shaun never really “fit the mold” growing up in Monmouth County.  He has always been a highly-creative person who lives with what seems like impossibly big dreams for himself.  Shaun has refused to let naysayers stop him from chasing his dreams all over the globe. Luckily...

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Mark Gilmartin aka “Gilly”

Mark is one of the most respected watermen to come out of the Jersey Shore; he leads the Summertime Staff through peak operational season on a day-to-day basis. Also, Mark makes sure we “Dot our i’s and cross our t’s” in the office throughout the...

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Gil Olsen

 Not everyone understands exactly what Gil does all the time, but they do know that he is a huge part of what makes the ship sail.     Gil expanded the Summertime mission to include a character-development focus that can be seen in the...

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Colin “C-MAC” McNamara

Colin McNamara is one of the most genuine human beings in the world.  He simply does not know how to be anything other than 100% true to himself and his mission: to live life on his own terms.  Colin is one of New Jersey’s best...

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Brett “Yogaman” Lehr

Walk into any Yoga studio on the Jersey Shore and say “hey, do you know Brett?” and studio owners, other teachers and especially students will likely respond in the affirmative. Brett’s positive energy has been a part of Summertime Surf for years.  Most of the Summertime...

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Jess Kwiesinski

The story of Jessica Kwiecinski is a story of success.  Half of the local surfing powerhouse “K Twins,” Jess has a knack for creativity and winning championships.  Jess has helped Summertime so much throughout the years, firstly, by being the most stoked young camper EVER when...

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Casey Kwiesinski

Casey K is one half of the local surfing powerhouse known as the K Twins.  She’s upbeat, mature, and she surfs better than most guys her age.  A traveler, she recently spent the last two seasons in El Salvador, working at a surf camp...

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Tyler Redy

Tyler Redy was born on January 27th, a storied date in surfing history.  As a grom he surfed the L – Jetty in Avon with his close-knit surfing family and began his path towards legend status.  Tyler can handle the work of 10 groms, and...

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Marissa “MD” DiNapolli

Marissa is a Belmar local who has been incredibly influential in the development of SUMMERTIME.  Her and her friend were the the first two campers to send in applications to join the kids camp, and she has been active in the growth and development of SUMMERTIME.  Marissa is...

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Dennis Crowley

Where did you go to high school? Manasquan High School   Where do you go to college and what are you majoring in?  San Diego State University, and I am majoring in Business Administration.   What certifications do you have? CPR certified and Surf Instructor Certified...

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Steven “Sterv” Razey

Steve joined the crew in 2011 and has been a major part of spreading the stoke- particularly in Ortley and Point Pleasant- ever since. There’s lots of things huge about STERV- his stature/wingspan, his smile, his heart, his commitment to his friends and his team,...

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Lindsay Beriault

Lindsay is a former camper who truly loves the surfing lifestyle.  She’s fun, smart, and loves working with kids, making her a great addition to the SUMMERTIME team.  Not only does Lindsay have the ability to always stay smiling, she also has supernatural ability...

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Jeff Hoffman

Jeff is a leader who rules Bradley Beach with a contagious positive mental attitude.  His experience in the middle school classroom and worldly perspective make him an invaluable asset to the SUMMERTIME crew.  The role model for consistency, he has earned the ironman award multiple years with a...

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JD LaCarrubba

2X Manasquan High School Surf Team State Championship Coach and teacher, JD is a fixture in the Jersey Shore surfing community.   He is one of the most experienced Summertime staff members and has worked almost every role within the school.  In the water, JD...