Grom Team Info Page

    Grom - noun. shortened from grommet; slang for a young, often precocious surfer.

    Summertime Surf Grom Teams foster healthy, positive environments for serious young surfers to improve their skills at a rapid rate. Through coaching, video analysis, and the collective drive that comes from the focused practice in a team setting, Summertime grom teams have been repeatedly raising the level of Jersey Shore surfers since 2006.

    The Summertime Surf Grom Team coaching staff is led by local professionals Shaun McGrath & Mark Gilmartin. These two collegiate-surfers have worked together for over 15 years developing and mentoring New Jersey’s best aspiring young surfers. Former Grom Team members have won regional, state, and USA high school amateur championships. Some have continued their surfing journey to become semi-professional and professional athletes. Others have stayed with the organization like 2020-20201 Assistant Coaches Jake Dematteo, Cole Devaney, Jessie Duer, Jules Cairns, Keaton Forney, and Zack Mansfield. Above all else, Grom Team members are given a path to follow their surfing dreams and grow into well-rounded, hard-working adults.

    What To Expect:

  • Focused technique coaching
  • Personal progress tracking & periodic evaluations
  • Scrimmages & heat strategy objectives when conditions permit
  • Filmed surf sessions and video analysis
  • Range of boards & equipment to explore
  • Lasting camaraderie and commitment to respecting the ocean & each other

    2020-2021 Fall-Winter-Spring (FWS)Team

    The Fall-Winter-Spring Team season runs from September 8th 2020 to mid June 2021. New members can try out at any time and are placed with the appropriate co-ed practice group with surfers of similar abilities. Practices are scheduled when the forecast calls for good waves after school and on the weekends.

    FWS Team Cost

    • $150 Membership fee, then $40 per session
    • Membership includes a team jacket with surfer's embroidered name
    • Not ready to commit? Drop-in to try a session at $55 per session

      How to Join the FWS Team

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      • Above-average physical fitness is imperative
      • Independent surfing ability required, must have experience catching waves without assistance to qualify for tryouts
      • Questions? email to schedule phone consultation so that we may schedule a tryout for Fall-Winter-Spring Team placement

  • Seasonal Guidance

    More info to help you understand how we adapt to NJ's changing seasons

    🍂 With September and October being two of the best months to be a surfer in New Jersey, coaches aim to schedule 3 practice sessions per week. Practices are held after-school and on the weekends from September 8th to October 31st.

    🎃 After Halloween, practice opportunities become more challenging due to limited after-school daylight. Please expect more weekend practices and local indoor training sessions.

    ❄️ The Winter season is both incredibly challenging and rewarding. Daylight is scarce and temperatures make surfing suited for only the truly dedicated. However, winter possesses incredible potential, as some of our most memorable practices come during those months for the more advanced surfers.

    ✈️ If it becomes safe to return to travel, destinations such as Southern Mexico, Waco’s Wave Pool, and the American Dream indoor facility have all been organized in previous years, and we plan to explore traveling as a team to these and other destinations again, when the global climate allows.

    🌦️ When Spring returns, the daylight after school does as well, and Grom Team members can expect more opportunities for after-school and weekend practice sessions as we approach summer.

    ☀️ The 2021 Summer season begins a new year for the Grom Team and a return to the regular morning practice schedule. This will also mark the “graduation” of some team members who are given the opportunity to apply to become workers at Summertime Surf School.

    2020 Summer Teams Info

    Summer Team Practices:

  • 11 week season during school's Summer Break
  • Practices 3 mornings a week from 7:30am-9am in all conditions
  • Teams are divided into Boys & Girls Teams and Varsity & Jr. Varsity Teams
  • Practices meet at Bradley Beach northend (Lake Terrace & Ocean Ave), and utilize the diversity of the walkable surf breaks
  • Team particiapates in end-of-year contests in August
  • Inner-squad practice contests when conditions allow
  • What to Expect

  • A professional coaching staff with 15 years experience turning novices into state and national champions
  • Focused technique coaching
  • Personal progress tracking with regular evaluations
  • Scrimmages & heat strategy objectives when conditions permit
  • Filmed surf sessions and video analysis
  • Range of boards & equipment to explore
  • Board & equipment storage available
  • Lasting camaraderie and commitment to respecting the ocean & each other
  • Payment Options

    • $825 for the summer season
    • Includes team t-shirt and hoodie


    Shaun McGrath

    Founder & Creative Director

    JD LaCarrubba

    Manager - Kids Surf Camp, Belmar

    Interested in SUMMERTIME grom teams and want more info? email