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The second round of tryouts went down last Saturday under ideal conditions.

The water temp has warmed up even more, just above 60F.  Skies were sunny and the air temp was somewhere in the upper 60’s, some residual south swell was on tap too with offshore winds.

While the tryout is more pass/fail than contest, there is definitely some friendly competition and motivation to place as high as possible, especially with the top 5 finishers getting hooked up by Bing’s Deli in Avon for some caloric replenishment.

It is important to remember that conditions are different for each tryout so there is no real way to judge who was fastest, Gilly or B Tighe.  The only way to really know is a one-on-one showdown…. who will be the winner?  Time will tell.

Thanks to everyone who came out and gave it their all and congrats to everyone who completed the 1.5 Mile Beach Run, 1.0 Mile Prone Paddle and .5 Mile Swim!

Here are the results of the top finishers under the goal time of 60 minutes:

Place Name Time
1 Brendan Tighe 43:22
2 Steve Razey 44:50
3 Mike Kinsel 44:55
4 Morgan Stierman 46:50
5 James Reale 48:00
6 Brendan Merkler 50:51
7 Ryan Smith 50:51
8 Dan McGillis 52:20
9 Dave McGillis 52:50
10 Dylon O’Donnel 53:20
11 Avery Walsh 52:20
12 Marilyn Gargiulo 53:22
13 Kenny Noto 54:00
14 Chris Albanese 59:35
15 Sandy Hall 59:45
16 Abby Redy 59:45
17 Conor Murray 59:58
1819 Gabby DelgadoLindsey Berialt 62:4664:56

Learn more about the tryout , or apply online to get started.