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Dear Surfers,

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

This quote by St Augustine was mentioned in a surf movie I remember watching as a kid, and it has always stuck with me, unknowingly shaping a large part of my life.

While New Jersey has beautiful beaches, occasionally world-class waves, and some of the tightest-knit communities you will find in the world all making it a uniquely wonderful place to call home, I often find that the best thing about New Jersey is commonly overlooked.

Within 90 minutes of “home” are four international airports servicing just about every far-flung corner of the world. There is nowhere else in the county, or the world for that matter that has such easy access to a direct flight ready to take you to just about every continent on the planet.

Like so many others, my first “surf trip” out of New Jersey was to Puerto Rico. Learning to surf over a reef, to steer clear of angry locals, and protect yourself from the tropical sun, life lessons I still rely on today. From Puerto Rico the next stepping stone was Costa Rica, experiencing the mystique of the Pacific Ocean finally. Powerful waves, jungle backdrops, colorful wildlife. I can remember these trips and the experiences that they created like it was yesterday.

With each new destination came new cultures to experience, new geography to learn, new food to try, new friends to make, and of course new waves to surf! You don’t realize this in the moment, but these experiences help give you a better perspective and a deeper awareness of the world we live in, not just the state or town we grew up in.

We are excited to begin sharing some of our favorite global surf destinations with you all in 2024 and beyond. Grab a ticket and enjoy the ride.


Mark Gilmartin, Director of Operations