Steve joined the crew in 2011 and has been a major part of spreading the stoke- particularly in Ortley and Point Pleasant- ever since. There’s lots of things huge about STERV- his stature/wingspan, his smile, his heart, his commitment to his friends and his team, his lesson count, and (of course) his caloric intake.  The one thing that is noticeably NOT huge about Sterv is his ego.  Steve Razey is one of the most humble, genuine, and selfless human beings known to the Jersey Shore surfing community.  Too often in surfing, we want to get the best waves and yell “I got it!” or “Mine!”.  Much more often when you’re surfing with Sterv, you’ll hear “It’s all you, man!”  The lineups around our area (and the world in general) are better off when others “Learn to Sterv”.



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