Experience the joy of walking on water

    Summertime Paddle School offers the most comprehensive way to get started with the Stand Up Paddle lifestyle. Private S.U.P. lessons for students of ALL AGES are located out of our new Paddle Clubhouse at the Manasquan River Narrows. The 1-hour and 15-minute paddle lesson & tour is the best way to learn the basics and enjoy your time on the water.

    The value of instruction:
    Today, there are many vendors offering paddle rentals with little to no instruction on safety and developing the correct technique. It is extremely important for your safety and for the safety of others to be aware of the potential dangers of paddleboarding. There is a correct and an incorrect way to paddle, and the incorrect technique may cause health problems such as shoulder strains, torn ligaments, or worse. Also, a paddleboard is considered a vessel, just like a boat, and is subject to the maritime law enforced by the marine police & US coast guard. The Belmar Marina reported over 30 rescues for inexperienced paddleboarders in 2016.
    Don't be a kook! Get some instruction and start having fun like a pro!

    Private S.U.P. lesson quick facts:

    • Available to students of ALL AGES
    • 6 days a week (Tues-Sun)
    • 1 hour and 15 minutes
    • Includes use of paddleboard, paddle, and PFD
    • 1 on 1 ... or bring a friend or family member(s)
    • Gift Certificates & mulit-lesson packages available

    What's included:

    • Range of quality S.U.P. boards to try
    • Excellent KIALOA adjustable pro paddles
    • PFD paddle packs (coast guard required)
    • Quality instruction for correct (safe) technique
    • A "green shirt" instructor to keep you stoked!

    Private Lesson & Tour

    Private Lesson & Tour for 1 student


    call to schedule your lesson

    Private Group Lesson & Tour for 2 - 4 people

    $75 each

    call to schedule your group

    Private Group Lesson & Tour for 5-10 people

    $350 flat rate

    call to book for your small group

    Google Map Location for Paddle Clubhouse

    All you need to bring for your lesson:

    • sunscreen
    • towel
    • water bottle
    • Sunglasses with tether (Croakies®)
    • water-appropriate swimwear (i.e. suits that won’t fall off if you fall in)
    • payment (cash or check if you did not pay online)
    • a smile!!!


    Private S.U.P. Lesson PACKS