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a group of people in front of a wave

It feels like forever since we last were together…

So please enjoy this little poem and scroll down to check in with the Summertime family’s Spring 2017 photo gallery.



“A Deeply Tanned Soul”

by Shaun McGrath

Like many great families who live and who thrive,

The Summertime Crew extends far and wide.

Some go North and go South on great paths less traveled,

And some focus inward to unlock and unravel

The noble tests of meddle and of heart,

Growing families together, new ventures to start

But no matter the pinpoint where your good work is done,

There’s joy to be found in each and every one

Like the glory of conquest a most Stellar Storm

Where the strongest among us demonstrate rare form

Or the fresh tracks laid down across a brave foreign land

Marinating the soul with perspective and tan

For a deeply tanned soul is so hard to conceal

The truths that it knows are impossibly real

Now that Spring has arrived, let’s check in with the crew

And see what they’ve learned in the oceans of blue.


2017 Spring Family Photo Gallery


Just a couple weeks until the Summertime family unites to make 2017 the best summer yet!

See you soon!


PS, sorry to those we missed, reach out soon with an update so we can include you next time!