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Why are the Summertime “Green shirts” Green?

a bird flying over a body of water

Proactivity vs. Reactivity

When you think of first responders like firemen and lifeguards, what color comes to mind?  


Red is the color most associated with danger and emergencies.   Despite efforts to prevent incidents from occurring, most professionals are there to respond to situations and stop them from getting worse.  Whenever someone has gone beyond their limits of training, they can be at risk of hurting the situation.  Professionals wearing red are often the one’s who know better and are there to tell us to “STOP!”

The Summertime Staff ‘Green Shirts’ are the ones who say “GO!”

Sterve keeping the situation under control.

Sterve keeping the situation under control.

Summertime ‘Green Shirts’ guide students through new experiences in an uncontrollable environment, the ocean.  They provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to handle situations that would otherwise be risky or dangerous.  They are not there to react to things going wrong, rather, they are there to prevent dangerous situations from occurring while helping participants push their limits.

In short, the Summertime uniform is green because green means go! Be confident that ‘green shirts’ operate with a level of expertise, training, and proactivity to keep students safe and stoked!