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Dear Prospective Boardwalk staff,

Do you…

1. LOVE the Beach?

2. Have a positive personality?

3. Consider yourself super organized?

4. Think critically to solve problems?

Summertime Surf Schools are looking for team members who answered yes to the above questions.


Summer Work Schedule:

  • Applicants that are available the entire months of June, July and August are preferred but not required.  (Teaching and College obligations are respected)
  • Late Spring/Early Fall: 10-30 Hours per week
  • June 19-Labor Day: 20-40 Hours per week

Selection of Staff:

  • All applicants must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Interviews take place as qualified applications are received, beginning March 1 2017
  • Training/start date: Training begins June 12, 2017 (in the evenings)



STEP 1. Upload 1 minute video to YouTube that will:

    1. introduce yourself
    2. explain what attracts you to Summertime Surf and this role, and
    3. tells us which part of the job you know you will excel at, and which part you anticipate being the biggest challenge.


This is the first and most important thing we look at.  Keep it simple, be yourself!  We are more interested in getting a feel for who you are, not you video editing abilities! Your computer’s webcam, or your phone’s camera will work just fine.     

Be sure to set the video as “unlisted”!!

STEP 2.  (Once you have the YouTube link from Step 1 ready), fill out this online application below.