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You’ve Asked & We’ve Listened!Ā šŸ‘‚

Summertime Surf Camp is stoked to announce theĀ Accelerated Camper Curriculum.Ā  The ACC is a program for the most athletic and ambitions campers to challenge themselves in the development of their surfing and ocean skills.

This program is availableĀ -all summer long-Ā as part of Summertime’s proven Kids Surf Camps.Ā  Accelerated campers receiveĀ special attention from their designated coach throughout the week.Ā  The new full-day camp experience blends the familiar beginner camp stations with a series of challenges and independent surfing opportunities.

There isĀ no extra chargeĀ to participate in the ACC, it is simply a tool toĀ make for a better camp experience for those young surfers who are ready to challenge themselves.


  • Ages 8 and up
  • Able to catch waves on their own
  • Completed at least one week of half day surf camp program in the last 2 years
  • ā€œWristband recommendationā€ from Camp Manager or Director

Program includes

  • Special 1-week full day curriculum
  • Mid-week progress evaluation
  • Access to advanced surf equipment – Climb the equipment ladder
  • Recognition of achievement of completion

Note:Ā Not all ACC applicants will qualify

This program is not for everyone, as it introduces a new style of learning incorporating much more independent trial-and-error than the normal Surf Camp curriculum.Ā  An independent approach is what makes surfing so famously frustrating and so very rewarding.Ā  It should be noted that safety is always the first priority with Summertime Surf Schools, and independent opportunities will always be under the watchful eye of the designated coach.


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