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Dear Surfers,

Autumn is Awesome, don’t you agree? Just a short time ago, it felt like we wanted summer to last forever. Those first cold fronts of the season slip through September dunes at a bit of a hurried pace.

Get moving, start chasing, let’s go.

Every year, the autumn alarm sounds and surfers run with whatever gas is left in the tank to escape the summer grind in search of a place to refuel. Up North, down South, or maybe aboard a plane to a dream destination somewhere out there.

When our timing is on, the distant water can act as a “fountain of youth” as it refreshes the senses. The jaunt may be a day, a weekend, or a 20+ year dream trip to the other side of the world.

One thing is consistent, it’s only after October has passed that we realize that the Autumn balance is really what we need most in our lives right now.

May this Autumn season bring you glimpses of both white-hot glory and cool peaceful reflection.


With Aloha,

Shaun McGrath, Founder