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Dear Surfers,

Winter is on, although you would be forgiven if you didn’t notice. This twenty-third year of the once-new millennium has proven that while we may think we know what to expect from each season, the future is always up in the air.

Winter is a common time for many of us to find our heads in the clouds. Whether it be dreaming of warm waves in opposite seasons, or more literally, taking in views atop snow-covered mountains, our headspace in winter is always a delicate and personal experience.

Locally, the new year has brought above-average temperatures, dry weather patterns, plenty of surf, but no real snow to speak of, which to many, is just fine. But for those of us who worship the weather, winter’s lack of spectacle reminds us that we must temper our expectations and pivot our approach to best enjoy what we have to work with.

May you find something beautiful in a new light this winter, and may you appreciate the diversity of one season to the next.

With Aloha,

Shaun McGrath, Founder


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