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 Frequently Asked Questions:

Why We Don’t Rent Equipment

After many years experience trying different methods of renting equipment, the owners of SUMMERTIME Surf and Paddle School have concluded that renting equipment is not aligned with our core values.  Our mission is to provide experiences that are safe and fun not only for our participants, but also for the general public.  We have a responsibility to our communities to keep the shared resources of our ocean and bays safe.

There is no license for surfing or stand up paddleboarding and there is no fair way to decide who can rent and who can’t.  We do not want to be involved in giving access to equipment that can be harmful or fatal in the wrong hands.

If you are genuinely interested in surfing or stand up paddle, we are happy to provide equipment along with proper instruction on the etiquette of keeping yourself and your fellow surfers and paddlers safe in the lifelong journey in the water.