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CAMP FAQ: how much structure at camp?


Frequently Asked Questions:


How much structure is at the camp?

While we recognize (and embrace) the fact that campers are on summer vacation from school, we have found the most success when the campers and counselors are working together to achieve goals throughout the structure of the day.  In short, these practices allow for more waves ridden, little distraction, and harmony among campers.  SUMMERTIME Kid’s Camps achieve a balance where kids can learn through the freedom in their experience, under our expert eye.


  • Familiar practices like: roll call, the buddy system, water breaks, and skills stations are used throughout the day
  • The day’s schedule is outlined at the beginning of camp, so campers know what is coming next
  • Campers are split up into small groups based on their ages/ability
    • Campers that want to be in the same groups together are encouraged to do so before groups are finalized
  • Within the camp stations there is plenty of freedom to socialize, and learn at their own pace.
    • We emphasize peer encouragement at all times
  • We do not post official “rules.” Rather, camp counselors lead by example and live by the code: “RESPECT ourselves, each other, & the ocean.”