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S.U.P. CAMP FAQ: the importance of attending all 3 days


Frequently Asked Questions:


The importance of attending all 3 days

SUMMERTIME S.U.P. Camp is designed to teach the fundamentals of paddling in 3 days. While one 3-day session might not be enough for every camper to paddle completely on their own, it’s the best way to start. Highly focused students learn enough in 3 days to effectively and safely practice their new skills on their own for the rest of the season. (with lifeguard supervision)



  • Builds paddling and water safety skills purposefully and effectively
  • Uses cumulative skill building – starting on Tuesday and concluding on Thursday
  • Each day of camp has a new paddle theme and goals for campers to reach
  • The most important day is Tuesday – this is where paddle basics and important Safety Systems are explained at length
  • Thursdays are a special day where we tie all the lessons together in review and show how the lessons all work together to make well-rounded, safe surfers
    • Also, the Thursday award ceremony recognizes campers for individual achievements