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SURF CAMP FAQ: the importance of attending a full week


Frequently Asked Questions:


The importance of attending a full week

Through the years, SUMMERTIME SURF SCHOOLS have strived to provide the best environment for teaching and learning, especially at our Kid’s Surf Camps. With experience and perspective on how kids learn best, our core surfers have created an original curriculum that keeps the surf camp experience positive and effective for campers of all ages and abilities.



  • Builds surfing and ocean safety skills purposefully and effectively
  • Teaches a well-rounded understanding of surfing & ocean safety
  • Uses cumulative skill building – starting on Monday and concluding on Friday
  • Each day of camp has a new surf theme and goals for campers to reach
    • FULL DAY campers learn more about the day’s surf theme during our “Talk Story Enrichment” session after lunch
  • The most important day is Monday – this is where surfing basics and important Safety Systems are explained at length
  • Fridays are a special day where we tie all the lessons together in review and show how the lessons all work together to make well-rounded, safe surfers
    • Also, the Friday award ceremony recognizes campers for individual achievements


Our dedication to the next generation of surfers can be seen in the way we have improved our curriculum every year. SUMMERTIME SURF Camp is designed to teach the fundamentals in one week. While one week might not be enough for every surf camper to surf completely on their own, it’s the best way to start. Highly focused students learn enough in one week to effectively and safely practice their new skills on their own for the rest of the season.  (with lifeguard supervision)



  • Half Day vs. Full Day
  • Multiple Weeks
  • Is the camp overly structured?