Keiki Camp

    keiki - (noun) - definition: Hawaiian for "little one"

    Hawaiian culture gave the world surfing, and Summertime Surf School honors that heritage with Keiki Surf Camp, a program just for "the little ones."  Keiki Surf Camp teaches 4, 5, and 6-year-olds how to have fun & be safe in the ocean while learning to surf. This program is not for kids who have a strong fear of the ocean or water. All participants need to be independent bathroom users.

    Keiki Camp Basics

    • For Boys & Girls ages 4,5, & 6
    • Offered at our Belmar location
    • Positive learning environment
    • Separate group from Kid's Surf Camp
    • Original, renown teaching methods & curriculum designed and taught by experienced Pre School teachers
    • Commitment to safety and fun!
    • Monday - Friday 9:30am-11:30am
    • $350 / week

    • Campers Will Learn & Show Improvement In:

      • Recognizing lifeguards and safety officers
      • How to signal for help
      • Ocean swimming basics
      • Surfing fundamentals
      • Intro to riding waves tandem & independently
      • Healthy surfer habits​​​​
      • Exploring & identifying wildlife and ecosystems
      • Gain confidence & independence 
      • Teamwork, Friendship & Aloha


    The Summertime S.P.F. Mentality: Safety - Program - Fun!

    • All aspects of programming are designed with safety as the main priority. Customized safety systems are unique to Summertime programs and situations
    • 4:1 or more student to instructor ratio at our camps (1:1 in the water)
    • Campers learn safety in and out of the water
    • Summertime staff members are Certified Lifesavers trained in CPR and First Aid and have experience working with the local lifeguards and first aid squads to further ensure the safety of our campers and staff
    • We do not provide Lifejackets/PFDs, and do not recommend this camp for kids who cannot tread water.
    • Note on Safety:" "A healthy surfer is a happy surfer" We are prepared for emergencies and have dealt with injury, both serious and minor, effectively in the past. All participants must sign a waiver due to the inherent risks of surfing and other activities that our camp provides. That being said, we would like to assure you that we have carefully chosen a team of responsible adults to provide the best experience possible for you or your child. We realize that there will be bumps, breaks, bruises, cuts, scrapes, and possibly a few tears shed, but we will work with you and your child to make sure that their experience is one that they walk away from smiling.

    Is your child ready for Keiki Camp?

    All Keiki campers are expected to participate in the ocean. This camp is designed for kids who want to be in the ocean. This is not an appropriate program to help kids get over their fear of the ocean or the water. If your child is fearful of water activities, we recommend private lessons to help them overcome this fear. This should not be your child's first time in the ocean!

    All Keiki Campers Must:

    • Be able to follow directions
    • Be independent bathroom users
    • Not have a strong fear of water or the ocean
    • Have prior experience in a pool with a structured swim lesson
    • Have experience with swim lessons in a pool environment
    • Keiki Campers do not need to be strong independent swimmers, but they must be able to keep themselves above water independently