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Surf Mat

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ― Abraham Lincoln

What is the Surf Mat?

The Summertime Surf Mat solves a basic need for all beginners.

Most often, effectively getting to your feet is the #1 challenge for new surfers to overcome.

Performing this crucial maneuver on dry land BEFORE you attempt it in the water is the easiest way to prepare for your surf practice.

You’ve heard that “practice makes perfect,” but how do you know if you’re practicing it right?

While not quite rocket science, there is a science to correct body movement.  By following the simple guides on your surf mat, you can ensure you correctly are training your muscle memory.

With regular practice of this technique, not only will you be doing it right, you’ll be ensuring that you can’t do it wrong.

About the Surf Mat 

Summertime Surf’s core values are built on “practicing environmental responsibility.”   To manufacture the surf mat, directors looked at options worldwide searching for the highest-quality product with the most minimal impact on the environment.  We are thrilled to have found the perfect partnership with new friends at LavaRubber.

LavaRubber has built an incredible business by up-cycling used wetsuits and other materials otherwise destined for the landfill.  Serendipitously, their headquarters is located just a few minutes up the road in Monmouth County NJ, radically reducing the carbon footprint associated with the shipping and transportation of materials.

Sadly, Summertime Surf has been a huge contributor to the production of these “environmentally unfriendly” materials for 18 years.  By providing wetsuits for all surf program participants, we have been one of the area’s largest consumers of neoprene.  While we maintain and repair the suits the best we can, they do not last forever, and that adds up to a lot of neoprene in the landfill over time.

That is, until now.  With LavaRubber, we now have a partner to get even more use out of the neoprene by upcycling the used wetsuits into a functional teaching tool that helps students get more out of their time in the water.  




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