Where did you go to high school? Manasquan High School


Where do you go to college and what are you majoring in?  San Diego State University, and I am majoring in Business Administration.


What certifications do you have? CPR certified and Surf Instructor Certified


How long have you been involved with Summertime?  For years & years


Why do you work at Summertime? It’s the best place to spend your summer on and off the beach. Also, it’s important to do what you love, which in my case, involves surfing.


Besides working at STS, what else do you do to pay your bills? Nothing currently, but I used to work at the library, time to crank out a whole lot of work this summer!!!!


At what age did you start surfing? 13


Where have you traveled to surf? Ecuador, Puerto Rico, California, and the Outer Banks


Do you surf in contests? What are some notable results?

I surf in local contests, such as the Barewires Surf Contest, which I love. ,Also I got fifth in the “Battle at Brighton” MHS surfteam contest where we loc’ed out of wall (Go Squan). That’s about the best I got, if anyone would like to help me out with contest fees and support call me, I will make you proud.


Other than surfing, do you have any talents? I can juggle the futbol, ride a snowboard, and I can swim pretty fast, kinda comparable to like a bluefish, I raced one once…. and won.


Are you an Artist or Musician? I can play some basic guitar and sing a pretty good song every blue moon under the right circumstances.