Q & A

Where did you go to high school? -Howell High School


Where did you go to college and what did you major in? -Attending Brookdale Community College


What certifications do you have? -CPR

What was your first year working at SUMMERTIME?  -first year 2016
Were you ever a camper or grom team member? Yes!
Why do you work at STS?  -I work at sts because I love spreading not only my knowledge of surfing but ocean safety as well so whomever I cross paths with has the confidence to have fun in the ocean either swimming or enhancing their surfing abilities
Besides working at STS, what else do you do to pay your bills?  -I like to work on cars: restoring them or working on anything i can fix.  mainly I work sales for a media company I got into a year after my two close friends started it so I helped them grow
At what age did you start surfing? -started surfing around age 10
What kind of music or art inspires you? – I’m inspired by classic rock and 90’s alternative