Kenny approached us out of the blue a couple seasons ago.  He was one of the first people “outsiders” to jump right into a tight-knit organization without knowing someone that worked on the team directly, but his work ethic and professionalism made him to a valued member of the team, and he continues to help set the bar for anyone that wants to follow in his footsteps.

Q & A

Where did you go to high school? St. John Vianney

Where did you go to college and what did you major in? I went to Bay Path College and graduated with a degree in Occupational Therapy.

What certifications do you have? CPR

As part of his medical training, Kenny has also been an EMT. 

How long have you been involved with Summertime Surf? 2013


Why do you work at SUMMERTIME? Give the opportunity to anyone, they would work for SUMMERTIME.


At what age did you start surfing? How many years ago was that? I started skimming when I was 13 and surfing at 18, which was 10 years ago.


Other than surfing, do you have any talents? Playing and writing music, golf, and spear fishing


Are you an Artist or Musician? I sing and play guitar, bass, drums, and some keys. I also have some recording abilities.


What kind of music or art inspires you? Anything that makes you feel good.


Do you play or coach any other sports? Basketball, golf, skateboarding (mini pipe at the most)