Lindsay is a former camper who truly loves the surfing lifestyle.  She’s fun, smart, and loves working with kids, making her a great addition to the SUMMERTIME team.  Not only does Lindsay have the ability to always stay smiling, she also has supernatural ability to stay warm! Even when other surfers are wearing boots and gloves, she likes to surf in a bikini!


Q & A


Where do you go to high school?

Howell high

What certifications do you have?

CPR certified

How long have you been involved with Summertime?

I started surfing at the camp when I was 11, and attended all summer, 3 summers in a row. This will be my second year working here.

Why do you Work at STS?

STS is my dream job. Surfing is my passion, and they showed me that when I was young. I want to show other kids how amazing this lifestyle is.

At what age did you start surfing? How many years ago was that?

I started surfing when I was 11

Where have you traveled to surf?

The Hawaiian islands… Maui, Kauai, and Oahu

Other than surfing, do you have any talents?

I can vibrate my eyes, make hilarious faces, and give you random facts about the ocean and just random things in general.