When Lucas started out as an S.U.P. instructor, he was right at home, literally.  Living across the street from Belmar’s L Street River beach, he keeps a close eye over his domain.  He’s enthusiasm is infectious, and his answer to “Why do you work at SUMMERTIME?” below embodies exactly the type of attitude that makes him such an awesome part of our team.  Lucas has a background in sailing & scuba making him a well-rounded waterman who knows the Shark River better than anyone else.  



Where do you go to high school?  St. Peter’s Prep, Jersey City, NJ

College: College of the Holy Cross, Worcester M.A. (Major: Environmental Science and Philosophy)


How long have you been involved with Summertime Surf? 2 years

Why do you Work at STS?  Until I started working at STS, how I lived was very different than how I made a living. That all changed when I joined the STS family. It’s not work, it’s just sharing with others what I love doing.


Besides working at STS, what else do you do to pay your bills?  I work in finance in NYC. But I have the tannest ankles in the office…


Other than surfing, do you have any talents? I can travel with the wind… Sailing
I can breathe under water… SCUBA Diving