Poncho is one of the OGs. (original groms)  He started coming to the surf camp when he was just a little “ponchito” and has since worked his way into one of the most trusted instructors in the whole bunch.  Poncho comes from a storied local surfing familiy, his cousins Claw, Uncle A, Ian, and Alex are all SUMMERTIME legends and Poncho is writing his own chapter for the King legacy.  While he is a mature young man, his great sense of humor keeps campers and coworkers cracking up both with him and at him.  Poncho is a team player and is always willing to go the extra mile for his students and compatriots… and he swims faster than a manatee!

Q & A

Where did you go to high school? St. Rose in Belmar


Where do you go to college and what are you majoring in? College of Charleston, I haven’t picked a major just yet.


What certifications do you have? CPR Certified


How long have you been involved with SUMMERTIME? I was a camper until my freshman year of high school and then I became a counselor.


Why do you work at SUMMERTIME? I work at here because I love the ocean and surfing and I enjoy teaching others about surfing.


Besides working here, what else do you do to pay your bills? Nothing at the moment…


At what age did you start surfing?  9 years old


Where have you traveled to surf? Hawaii, California, Costa Rica, Barbados, and Virginia Beach


Other than surfing, do you have any talents? Nope, that’s a negative


Do you play or coach any other sports? In high school I was on the swim team and the soccer team