When Sandy is at work, her positivity shines like the sun.  That probably because she says she is happiest when she is outside in the sunshine, breathing the fresh air and in the warm weather.  A major part of Summertime S.U.P. operations since 2014 , Sandy can be found teaching lessons, at the Kid’s Camp or leading S.U.P Yoga class.  Sandy is a native of Sea Girt, NJ but has lived and traveled throughout the world, most recently relocating from Costa Rica for 7 years.  She thrives off of helping people gain confidence in themselves, whether young children or adults.   She also has a sweet southern accent that shows its face from time to time 😉

“Through movement, stillness in the mind is found.”

Q&A with Sandy

What else do you do to pay the bills?
I teach Yoga and AcroYoga
What certifications do you have?  
PaddleFit SUP Coach
RYT 200 Yoga Teacher
Stoked Yogi S.U.P. Yoga certified, San Diego
WPA certified
First Aid/CPR
Yoga of Trust, AcroYoga Certified Teacher
Yoguitos kids yoga en español 
Where have you traveled?
I traveled to Belize in college where I first caught the travel bug.  Since then I have been a magnet to warm clear water, palm trees, Spanish, simplicity, and warm weather.  I lived and traveled in Australia, then moved to Costa Rica.  Upon return to the U.S., I spent time studying SUP Yoga and AcroYoga in San Diego, and Austin, TX, and loving these two places.  Completing the big circle, I am back in NJ…for now.