How do you stand out in the surf community where everyone is trying to stand out and be cooler than the next guy?  Be Todd Hundley- do your own thing, be yourself and have a good laugh at everyone who takes themselves too seriously.  How do you stand out in a group of amazing staff members that gets better year after year? Be Todd Hundley and be ready to jump back into action at a moment’s notice year after year with a smile.


Where do you go to high school?  Neptune Flier


What certifications do you have? Monmouth County Ocean Rescue Lifeguard class of 00, NJ Property and Casualty Insurance License, Valid NJ Driver’s License, Canadian Passport, Monmouth County Substitute Teacher (retired).


How long have you been involved with Summertime Surf? I sat with Shaun at Sseawatch beach while he gave surf lessons at the army camp… so before the beginning, but technically I started the second season.


Why do you Work at STS? For the stoke.   I believe that all of life’s problems can be cured with a surf.  I think of myself as a healer.


Besides working at STS, what else do you do to pay your bills? Can can


At what age did you start surfing? How many years ago was that? A long time ago, I am old.


Where have you traveled to surf? Ocean County NJ (once), Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, California, Portugal, South Carolina


Other than surfing, do you have any talents?  I can do a lot of yoga inversions,  I consider myself a good/safe driver, I am an amazing cook, a good listener, patient, I am a third-degree black belt in the art of stand up comedy, and a creative marketer.