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Hey guys!! Along with coaching the grom team fall program on weekends, I have recently finished my second season as a coach of the Rumson Fair Haven High School surf team. Aside from surfing a bunch, the fall run of fishing has also been non-stop. The cold is finally here and hoping that brings the waves we are all waiting for!! 

IMG_6723 - Tyler RedyTYLER

D999DBD9-B01E-4349-8C58-47B6A82A0C9A - John Oppito 712CDCE0-868E-42A1-876A-A50731128DC9 - John Oppito A3804061-0276-4D73-AD3E-72DA55781D32 - John Oppito

Heyyo it’s Rozzie checking in from the shaping room! Been grinding away, shaping and glassing a bunch of boards. I have a couple boards going for some of the summertime crew and even a few lucky camp groms! Looking forward to a winter full of waves!


surfer - Matthew White 20181020_221254 - Matthew White 20181101_031419 - Matthew White

Matt White has been “working hard, trying to get to the beach every chance I get, and enjoying the seasons like Halloween and Movember.”

44691000_10215072612102257_283966263900766208_n (1) - Andrea Rinaldi 44498343_10215072620982479_102087399781171200_n - Andrea Rinaldi 45351630_10215164531080174_1213800003147923456_n - Andrea Rinaldi

Still good times to be had paddling in the fall! A quick getaway to Florida for some OC6 and SUP races. Locally, over 40 racers participated in the SUP4NC charity race raising over $4,000 for Hurricane Florence victims (thanks Summertime Surf for your generous raffle basket donation!) Getting dark way too early now and dreaming of summer evening paddles! 


F9C99840-86A4-43B9-9CB9-B8A741E0BEEF - Lindsay Beriault 9CFBFB8D-877C-4308-8E7F-B458DCDF6507 - Lindsay Beriault

Hey y’all! I’m down here at Coastal Carolina University, right outside of Myrtle beach, doing plant wetland research on rare plant species in the area! I’m also taking plenty of ocean and marine courses to come back this summer with some fun new facts for you guys! I’m also actively taking yoga classes and cant wait to add new things to the yoga circle. While things are fun here, I can’t wait to be under the summer sun all day catching waves with you guys and gals!

Happy holidays to you all:)

– Lindsay from the Lab

9B0523EF-8366-4B12-A6C1-1139F3D29BDB - Cali Pearce 9AAA6790-2529-4498-9CF3-FBDC8C8B2E1D - Cali Pearce

Hey groms!! I’m flying though my first semester at Flagler College, learning lots and surfing as much as possible! The Flagler Surf Team has been killing it, taking first in our first contest of the year last month and we’re looking to make it to Nationals in the Spring. As much fun as I’m having down here in Florida, I can’t wait for winter break to get some quality New Jersey winter waves. Hope everyone has been enjoying the school year so far, see y’all soon! Yewww!


ammato1 ammato2

Some nice pics of camp lenseman, Matt Amatto.  A young man of few words but many backside whacks.

550C014F-B415-430D-BD0F-60470823DA2F - Summertime Surf 531CE428-E0BC-4265-9783-2100EDBF43F0 - Summertime Surf

Finding that it’s about as much fun chasing a 1.5-year-old as it is to chase waves.

– Gil

16AFE20C-2428-4CB5-9238-1442DA64DC65 - Thomas Wolfmuller 0D0C8064-182C-46F3-8A28-7CAF3172E2E9 - Thomas Wolfmuller C178C94A-3C08-466F-86A1-B7601A89573F - Thomas Wolfmuller

Aloha STS Famalia. Getting my Italian froth meter going this offseason. I received a scholarship via Wildflower Montessori to study for the year in Bergamo, Italy to get my AMI Montessori Elementary teaching degree. Longest I’ve been without surfing in 15 years, so I’m jonesing pretty bad…Looking forward to surf (probably get smoked) in France over the Christmas break with friends. Be back to the states middle of July ready for next hurricane season

🙏 – Thomas

95B10BBD-63FE-4115-895E-93E36EE90A72 - Gianna Melchionda IMG_6829 - Tyler Redy

Aloha! Still at Squan high school and enjoying fall waves as they get good. Our surf team just won its 5th straight state title and for women’s I got third, yeww! Keeping my head in the books for now and enjoying concerts with my friends until it’s time for 5mils and winter waves! Happy holiday season to all the groms out there!

– Gianna

20181019_193437 - J.D. LaCarrubba 66346 - J.D. LaCarrubba 055FAAFE-39C7-4582-9534-7A8195B47368 - Gianna Melchionda

Coaching the Manasquan High School Surf Team to its 5th consecutive state championship victory! Fellow Summertime Surf instructors Keaton Fortney, Gianna Melchionda and Griffin Laszlo helped dominate the field! 


Check out the video highlights from the High School State Championships HERE.

CCFF7616-DC43-4AAF-A6AD-7364CE9316C9 - Samantha Osso D655D18B-978E-4CAC-A324-73B809BB1E32 - Samantha Osso 5394D289-952F-4EA1-AC72-B7757B626A09 - Samantha Osso

Hey! Sam Osso here – crushing through my second to last semester of Grad School this fall for Mental Health Counseling. Currently interning at Integrated Care Concepts, while also working in their access department booking new clients! It’s been a super busy semester, but totally learning a lot about myself and the field, and looking forward to graduating in a May! I’ve also started an instagram account for my art – Washed Up Artistry.  Feel free to give a follow and join me in my journey!



This is how I keep warm And in shape in the off season. Missing everyone at STS and being on the water! Come visit me and take a yoga class over the winter ! 

(acro yoga photo with fellow STS instructor, Terence at the new Inlet Yoga Community)


IMG_8844 - Jessica Kwiecinski

I started a new job as a flight attendant and have been surfing whenever I can! Hip is feeling much better!


7CECFABC-547C-47EA-A08E-086E8F078FD1 - Peter Rinaldi 4BD43FFC-DD95-4D4B-A603-03B463B1625C - Peter Rinaldi

Preparing for the cold winter and hoping to gather the funds to take a trip out to visit everyone’s favorite Marshall, Morgan in Hawaii. Keeping busy surfing, fishing, hunting, and finishing up school at Rider University. Looking forward to getting back to warm days with frothing groms in the ocean from dawn to dusk after hopefully a few cold tubes this winter.




Aloha STS family and friends!  I’ve been enjoying the Fall season with Mason & Mar here in New Jersey.  Nice to be around family and friends to keep our hearts warm, even when the boots & gloves come out.  Also, I’m very excited to announce a new Christmas tradition in the coming weeks…stay tuned!

-Shaun ✌️





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