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Dear Grom Team Families, 
Thank you for participating in the 2018 Summer Season of Grom Teams!
Practices begin this upcoming Monday, June 25th for the varsity teams, and Wednesday, June 27th for the Junior Varsity teams.   Please see below for the team rosters and information about this year’s program.
Boys Varsity Practice Schedule 
  • Mondays -Tuesdays – Wednesdays
  • 3rd Ave, Belmar
  • 7:30 – 9am 
Girls Varsity Practice Schedule 
  • Mondays -Tuesdays – Wednesdays
  • 3rd Ave, Belmar
  • 7:30 – 9am 
Boys Junior Varsity Practice Schedule 
  • Wednesdays – Thursdays – Fridays
  • 3rd Ave, Belmar
  • 7:30 – 9am 
Girls Junior Varsity Practice Schedule 
  • Wednesdays – Thursdays – Fridays
  • 3rd Ave, Belmar
  • 7:30 – 9am 
2018 Centralized Location
As part of the Summertime mantra of continuous improvement, this year the 2018 Grom Teams will utilize Belmar’s 3rd Ave Beach as the Grom Team Headquarters.  We know that the boys and girls teams will benefit from having more shared resources including coaches, surf equipment, video equipment, and Belmar’s large open beach with multiple good sandbars to surf.
With a strong emphasis this year on video review, the centralized location makes it easier to effectively film when the conditions permit.  We also look forward to more small contests during days of good swell in Belmar
Note that while the boys and girls practices occur at the same times, the teams will be separated so that they are surfing in different surf zones and will maintain the feel of 2 separate teams.  It continues to be our goal to keep team members’ wave counts up and group sizes down.  Wednesdays are the days where the Boy & Girls Varsity & JV teams are all centrally located, and we aim to use the big group to do fun group activities when conditions permit.
Also worth noting, there will be select days throughout the summer where the teams meet on a “surf trip” at some of the other Summertime locations (Bradley Beach, Asbury Park, or Point Pleasant) to give team members experience at different breaks and revisit some member’s “home breaks.”
Cost & Registration & Waiver
The cost for the Summer Grom Team is $750.  Please call the office 732-599-2700 to complete payment & give emergency contact information prior to your son or daughters first practice.  If you would rather sign up online you can do so via this link, but there is an online booking fee collected by our online registration partner.
Note: No one can participate until they have signed the waiver, waivers are on-site, online, and available via email request.
Team Rosters
Boys Varsity:
Will Grossarth
Nate Host
JJ Leanord
Michael Prudente
Michael Sibilia
Alexey Stout
Matt Woit

Matt Voltaggio

Boys Junior Varsity:
Grady Fox
Eddie Gunnel
Ruairi Kilgallon
Zack Larr
Griffin Larr
Girls Varsity:
Molly Applegate
Casey Flaherty
Chole Gartside
Violet Nolan
Kali Saito
Girls Junior Varsity 
Hudson Gorham
Mary Hayser
Malread Merkler
Peggy Reilly
Lilly Russoneiello
Kylie Storm
Thank you and we look forward to another epic summer!



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