April 17, 2018 ...I Learned in the Ocean, education

Accelerated Camper Curriculum

You’ve Asked & We’ve Listened!¬†ūüĎā Summertime Surf Camp is stoked to announce the¬†Accelerated Camper Curriculum.¬† The ACC is a program for the most athletic and ambitions campers to challenge themselves in the development of their surfing and ocean skills. This program is available¬†-all summer...

June 25, 2015 education

Less is More

Campers and parents are always asking us “what do they need to bring?” Ty- a camper from Point Pleasant, shows how it’s done- a bathing suit, a smile and maybe some water.  The most important piece of the equation? The good attitude.  If you...

February 22, 2015 education

“Are there really waves in New Jersey?”

As traveling surfers from New Jersey, it used to be a regular¬†occurrence that people¬†would ask,¬†“are there even waves in New Jersey?” ¬†People unfortunately associated the beaches (and the surf) of New Jersey to the MTV show Jersey Shore, where they see crowded beaches for...