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June 19, 2016 Staff

2016 Grom Teams Tryout Results

Thanks to everyone who came out for the 2016 Boys & Girls Grom Teams. Saturday’s tryouts were greeted with perfect conditions for evaluating the skills of these young surfers.  Our coaching staff appreciates all the good will...

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I guess Ireland really IS as green as is seems.
April 9, 2016 Uncategorized

2016 Spring Team Update

There is no place like home in the SUMMERTIME… but the rest of the year is fair game for the rest of the world! Join Gilly, Wolfy, and Shane’s slab hunting mission to Ireland, live the California Dream with Crowley, JC, DeCastro, Squiccis et. al , wander...

March 14, 2016 Job Posting

Boardwalk Staff

­­ Dear Prospective Boardwalk staff, If you… 1. LOVE the Beach? 2. Have a positive personality? 3. Consider yourself INSANELY organized? 4. Think critically to solve problems? Summertime Surf & Paddle Schools are looking for team members who answered yes to the above questions. Summer Work Schedule: Applicants that...

March 14, 2016 Job Posting


­­ Dear Prospective Program Staff, Do you enjoy sharing your passion for the ocean with others?  Summertime Surf & Paddle Schools are looking for team members who respect the responsibility that comes with introducing people to the surf and ocean lifestyle.   Summer Work Schedule: Applicants that are...

June 25, 2015 education

Less is More

Campers and parents are always asking us “what do they need to bring?” Ty- a camper from Point Pleasant, shows how it’s done- a bathing suit, a smile and maybe some water.  The most important piece of the equation? The good attitude.  If you...

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June 21, 2015 Staff

2015 Grom Teams Tryout Results

The hopefuls for the 2015 SUMMERTIME Boys & Girls Grom Teams were up at at ’em Saturday morning. Cloudy skies, dribbly NNE swell, but plenty of stoke were on tap for the 7:30am start time. Coaches Tyler, Gilly, Jess, Casey, and Shaun were attentively evaluating...

June 19, 2015 Staff

2015 Staff Tryout Results- Day 2

  The second round of tryouts went down last Saturday under ideal conditions. The water temp has warmed up even more, just above 60F.  Skies were sunny and the air temp was somewhere in the upper 60’s, some residual south swell was on tap too...

June 8, 2015 Travel

Surfing the North Sea

If you told me I would be surfing in the North Sea four months ago, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. If you told me I would be surfing in the North Sea with nothing but 5mm between me and freezing double overhead waves, I...

June 6, 2015 Staff

2015 Staff Tryout Results- Day 1

  While most of the Jersey Shore was off to a sleepy start this morning, returning staff and a few new faces turned up for the first of two tryout dates for the 2015 Summertime Surf Staff Team. The water temp has warmed up...

June 2, 2015 FAQs

FAQ: Renting Equipment

 Frequently Asked Questions: Why We Don’t Rent Equipment After many years experience trying different methods of renting equipment, the owners of SUMMERTIME Surf and Paddle School have concluded that renting equipment is not aligned with our core values.  Our mission is to provide experiences...

Summertime Surf will be at Summerfest in Point Pleasant
June 2, 2015 Uncategorized

SummerFest in Point Pleasant – June 6, 2015

Keeping up with the great momentum so far this year, we are happy to spread the word about a great annual event that we are participating in THIS SUNDAY- June 6th, 2015 at the 25th Annual Point Pleasant SummerFest! SummerFest is family-friendly event with tons of awesome...

May 5, 2015 FAQs

CAMP FAQ: Choosing Half Day vs. Full Day

Frequently Asked Questions: KID’S SURF CAMPS  Half Day vs. Full Day DISCLAIMER:  We designed the camps to run for a full day because we love surfing and the ocean so much that we want to spend the whole day doing what we love.   FULL...

May 5, 2015 FAQs

CAMP FAQ: Multiple Weeks of Camp

Frequently Asked Questions: KID’S SURF & S.U.P. CAMPS  How many weeks should I sign up for? WHAT TO EXPECT FROM 1, 2, 3 or MORE WEEKS: 1 week of surf camp provides the basic understanding of surf & ocean safety For focused campers, or returning...

May 5, 2015 FAQs

CAMP FAQ: how much structure at camp?

Frequently Asked Questions: KID’S SURF & S.U.P. CAMPS  How much structure is at the camp? While we recognize (and embrace) the fact that campers are on summer vacation from school, we have found the most success when the campers and counselors are working together to...

May 5, 2015 FAQs

S.U.P. CAMP FAQ: the importance of attending all 3 days

Frequently Asked Questions: KID’S S.U.P. CAMPS  The importance of attending all 3 days SUMMERTIME S.U.P. Camp is designed to teach the fundamentals of paddling in 3 days. While one 3-day session might not be enough for every camper to paddle completely on their own, it’s...

May 5, 2015 FAQs

SURF CAMP FAQ: the importance of attending a full week

Frequently Asked Questions: KID’S SURF CAMPS The importance of attending a full week Through the years, SUMMERTIME SURF SCHOOLS have strived to provide the best environment for teaching and learning, especially at our Kid’s Surf Camps. With experience and perspective on how kids learn...

March 13, 2015 Travel

Same Same, but different-SUMMERTIME in Bali

SUMMERTIME crew members Kerry O, Vanessa and Brendan made a mid-winter escape to enjoy the warmer waters of Bali. If you’ve never been to Bali, no blog post can really describe the experience.  This video edit that Vanessa put together of her first international excursion...

March 13, 2015 Technology

The value of going with local pros…

Hans and James, manning the Helm at "The Matrix on Main Street...SEM Geeks' futuristic headquarters. Why we partnered with the team at SEM Geeks. Since Summertime Surf was founded, we have tried to keep as much of our operation in house as possible.  For nearly...

March 7, 2015 Travel

SUMMERTIME Heads To Panama

    SUMMERTIME’s Operations Director Mark Gilmartin and Belmar Manager Wolfy recently went on a trip to Panama searching for warmer weather and good surf. They based themselves out of an area called Bocas del Toro, an archipelago found on the Caribbean side of...

February 22, 2015 education

“Are there really waves in New Jersey?”

As traveling surfers from New Jersey, it used to be a regular occurrence that people would ask, “are there even waves in New Jersey?”  People unfortunately associated the beaches (and the surf) of New Jersey to the MTV show Jersey Shore, where they see crowded beaches for...