First Quarter 2018

It can be tough to keep track of the SUMMERTIME Crew, but once in a while, we get to catch up and see what everyone’s been up to in the past few months… and once again, we see the dream is alive and well across the board.


Wolfy putting a “W” on the board in front of an A Frame at OB in SF.


Tyler: Left, Right and Centered

sandy yoga

Sandy instigating acro-yoga inspiration whenever the chance arises.


Sam O: Crushing Grad School the right way and taking a break in MIAMI.

mason_kauii     mason_umbrella

Mason making himself at home in Hawaii.

logan_trophy_EC regional open mens champ

Logan: Freshly Minted East Coast Regional OPEN Champ after a winter on the North Shore.

logan_snap logan_hawaii




Kira celebrates mom and dad surviving 1 year of parenting.

 jerseymike   irishbabydn_photo_btighe

Brendan and Kerry expecting a barrel of joy at the end of Summer ’18.

jd_southpoint jd_barbados

JD as stylish as ever in points South.


Lindsay enjoying a more mild-mannered winter season on the Carolina Coastline.

gromsonbayhead  gromson grease   gromson

GROMSON: Killing it senior year on both sides of the curtain.

gilly  dn_photo_gilly_skylar  gilly_grayson

GILLY: Far and wide, but no place like home.


Erik and Peter crush it on ice, and grass as well as water.


Donna living the dream in Barbados.


Crowley + Sam brush shoulders with The Oracle in SD, while DeCastro contemplates the meaning of life over La Jolla.


Matt Ammatto proves Claw made it out of this tube… will he make it out of retirement?

cali_march cali_costa

CALI: All smiles, all the time. NYC / Costa Rica

 alba_stockton_PT alba_pr

ALBA: Equally comfortable in the white coat as the green shirt in Puerto Rico.


John Oppito: Easter Egg hunt at The Heavens, with an emerald gem for Puerto on the bottom of the rack.


Another Matt Ammotto time delay…

Time flies when you’re having fun.

Shaun McGrath


Shaun McGrath

Shaun founded SUMMERTIMESURF in 2006 and loves to surf and travel.

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